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1 July, why oh why.

1 July marks the new financial year in Australia. Usually it is a happy day for me because I can lodge my tax return and get a refund. Generally I need to wait a few weeks for all of the documents to be gathered but 1 July marks the official day I could lodge if I had everything I need.

Today it is sad, not only because I didn’t earn an income or pay tax but because it means we are already half way through 2019. Next month is August and we have our big trip. We aren’t nearly organised enough for that. It also means we have been in Singapore 7 full months and we haven’t yet started our language course. I knew 2 years would go fast so we would likely stay longer but to be 7 months in and not yet learning Mandarin is pretty disappointing.

Yay for the new financial year and the back half of 2019. It will bring a lot of joy, no doubt. Now to get organised and actually make the most of it!

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