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14-day self-isolation

GREAT. I have just reorganised everything. I called Nan and told her the new plan while we were at the Orchid Garden, well when we were on the way to the Botanic Garden we weren’t in the gardens yet.

I was happy and relaxed and everything was fine. UNTIL. Sigh, until the news came that the Australian Government has put a 14 day stay at home requirement on everyone returning from overseas.

Ok, new plan. Nan will stay here until after my birthday and then I will go to Australia. I will serve my two weeks and then go to the Dr to get a referral.

Instead of going to the paid clinic I will go to the free clinic so it might take a little longer but if I am waiting I may as well do it the free way.

That saves me five grand. I am happy and settled. I’ve called Nan and talked her through the new plan.

She is happy. I let her know we won’t change the flights just yet because things could change again but this is the plan for the minute.

Free clinic, wait until my birthday then go.


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