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2 bedroom or not 2 bedroom, that is the question

Today, for whatever reason, I really don’t remember why, I saw that one of the two bedroom apartments are available in our building.

Triston was allowed to leave the house yesterday after his negative result and us effectively self isolating since Saturday afternoon (though the first couple days were by accident). His medical certificate required 3 but in total we would have been home, without setting foot beyond the front door (except for Triston going alone to the medical centre for testing) for 6 x 24 hour periods.

I sent a message to our building manager and made a time to have a look at the apartment. We both like it.

Oh no, what we will do. It is almost twice the space, it has stairs and a window ledge for Lola but it is a lot more.

Step one – get the price down.

Step two – decide if we want to move?

Or should it be the other way around.

It is bright and airy and this building is still much cheaper than everything else around. We do seem to like this area the best, still, but with the Circuit Breaker and Covid19 we really haven’t ventured very far this year.

We know there is construction behind the building. When we first moved in that was a park and they said it could be years before it was redeveloped. It was about 8 months before the works started. We have a better of the issues with the building, units and area having lived here for 18 months now. To be honest, there aren’t many.

It isn’t a condo, so no pool, but all the pools were shut during the circuit breaker lockdown. To be honest, I don’t really want to hand out at a pool or in communal areas these days. Maybe when Covid is under a bit more control but we still avoid everything we can, as much as possible, because why be helping spread this. The more we all stay put, the sooner it all ends.

We also had a quick look at a cheaper two bedroom that is also available. That one has the fire stairs cutting into the space so the master bedroom is actually the small bedroom and the kitchen dining room is really only a kitchen. It is cheaper but still a lot more than we pay now so I said I didn’t like it.

Ahhhh. We both really like it. Neither of us wants to spend money.

Triston is always at home for work and it can be difficult for me because I am trapped in one space all day while he is on calls.

What should we doooooo?

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