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Singapore Update – 2 months in

singapore bicentennial set up

Well, we are right around 2 months in to our move. Yesterday we went to the other Ikea. Much better than the Alexandra one. We now have Ikea block out curtains up in the bedroom, a shoe rack and a dish drying rack. Nice.

new curtains
new curtains

Yesterday TW bleached some items but when we went out he didn’t leave the windows open. I don’t know why he closed them. So when we got home it was still very bleach smelling.

Last night, either a dehydration thing or a toxic bleach fume thing, I was sick. I woke up and didn’t feel well so sat on the couch. I kept my mouth shut but I vomitted so I ran to the sink, the closest was the kitchen sink. Which was a very poor choice – one because it was the kitchen sink but also because it is a bit clogged and TW had said earlier in the day we need to get some draino to unblock it. Ergh. I didn’t drain. I had more vomitting to do so I ran to the toilet. The main toilet, the ensuite is the one that smells like bleach.

Ikea shoe rack
Cheapest shoe rack we could find

So much vomit, looked like beef. I can’t think of the last time I ate beef. It must have been something else. I tried to wake TW up to say we should move the bed to the lounge room as the bedroom air might have made me sick so he might be getting sick too. He was in a deep sleep, when he did wake up he was scared awake and didn’t know what was happening. Hugged me for being sick and then went back to sleep.

New dish rack
So glad the dishes weren’t in the sink.

I drank so much water yesterday, but we did go to Ikea and waste a lot of time walking around trying to find a hardware store in the sticky heat. I might have been starting to get unwell before we left because I fell asleep on the couch while TW was showering to get the bleach smell off himself. Maybe bleach really affects me?

It all seems to be ok today though. I have been sick twice and TW almost sick once in our two months. We have a new couch but getting another one in a couple of days. Not brand new, just new to us. New curtains and shoe rack. Our towels and toiletries have been organised and there is only one or two things left to do now before cat arrives. We have 10 days to organise the rest for her.

Oh, TW got paid again and we will be here for Singapores Bicentennial celebrations. Woohoo! Celebrating the little things.

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  1. Diane Harvey says

    Who is looking after the gorgeous Lola when you come back to Australia for work trip and to pick up more luggage????

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