The day we landed was a very very long day. I had a lunch and site inspection booked for The Modern Hotel. TW was invited to the lunch and I thought he might actually enjoy snooping around the hotel. I get a lot of flak for being a snoop but his is almost as bad as me, maybe worse, rather than snoop himself he hopes I will so I can tell him all of my findings without going to any effort himself. I protest being called a snoop, for the most part I am actually interested in others lives and wish them the best. I compete with no one, we can all have amazing lives and I love to hear everyones stories.

I went alone while TW rested. He enjoyed being left in piece. I was gone for two hours. Sadly I was starting to feel the affects of the long day before we left Sydney, the flight and the 6 hours since we landed at Honolulu. I forgot to take any photos. Of anything. I love food photos and we had even talked about it before the food arrived.

Modern Honolulu

I didn’t take a photo so here is one from their website. Fresh, crisp, clean and modern rooms.

I really enjoyed the hotel and rooms. It is down the Marina/Ala Moana Shopping Centre end of town, I walked, got lost and arrived late, while I never used to like this area it is actually an ideal spot. Walkable to all of Waikiki, close to a calmer stretch of beach than Waikiki proper and without the crowds that Hilton Hawaiian Village. Very calm, cool and with this super chic exclusive vibe. TW didn’t miss me and I am glad I got to see it for myself. Walking there and back was no big deal. Jennifer – my rep – is a bubble of sunshine and positivity. A really lovely person. She is from Canada originally, we were talking about, amongst other things, our pending honeymoon plans. She told me Vancouver and Montreal are the best places so if we fly between we won’t miss anything.

Much more nothing happened when I returned.

We went for dinner at about 8pm.

Blazing Steaks was our first favourite place to eat so we go back time after time. A few years back it became Shore Fyre, we went anyway. They still offered the steak, rice and salad. I finally convinced TW that he should eat. Even if it goes through him, anything he can put in is better than not trying at all. He has heard the story of the time I got really sick so off we went to Blazing Steaks/Shore Fyre. Steak, rice and Salad.

Steak, Rice and Salad

What we expect to see when we go to Blazing Steaks/Shore Fyre

We found Blazing Steaks on our first night in Hawaii on our first trip. TW’s first ever overseas trip. It was $6 for the meal and a drink. The price eventually increased to $8 without a drink – but the drinks were big, we could share one anyway. No big deal. It was a great meal and pretty cheap.

On this walk, a street hawker asked if I wanted a foot tall milkshake. We almost walked on without the voucher. My brain registered what she was saying just as we walked past. Of course I do, I put my hand out, she hands me the flyer, tells me it is one block down one block over. Awesome, that is exactly where we are headed. TW isn’t well enough to be having dinner followed by a milkshake but lets have a look on the way home.

Volcano Shakes

The flyer in question. It took me a few moments to understand what she was saying but who doesn’t want a foot tall milkshake, right?

We continue our short trek to our destination. There is was. As we have seen it before. This time it was hard to find our much loved staple on the menu. Finally we spotted it, steak, rice and salad. You can get it with mashed potato or rice and salad or veg. It was just a normal grilled steak. It has changed. No doubt the food is good but we went because it was fast, fresh, simple. Limited menu and all done well and the meat was pre cut so we had very little to do other than enjoy the meal. Locals loved it and we loved it. Now it seems like any other generic, possibly slightly trendy, place to eat. Unfortunately, we decided the place is now dead to us and we won’t be back.

Disappointed but decently nourished we went back to the room. TW must had had about 12 hours solid sleep. Well he would have if I didn’t wake up at midnight and open some chips, put the tv on and crunch away. He didn’t get out of bed until 10am so he can’t complain about not having enough sleep even if I did wake him up at some point.

Rounding out these 24 hours is the brunch we had.

Cheesecake factory. A burger each. Always a decent meal in there. We really didn’t need our own burgers.

Smokehouse BBQ Burger

I had the smokehouse BBQ burger. Again, no photos. Not a big photo 24 hours. This one is from Cheesecake factory website. I think mine actually looked better, maybe because it was mine.

We went back to the hotel, we got back too soon and the room wasn’t ready yet (after daily service) so we went to sit by the pool. The pool chairs in the shade were taken so we went to sit by the beach. Wow, high tide is HIGH at this hotel. It was too sunny for me so we found some chairs back past the pool, in the shade and TW rested while I typed up the story of our first 24 hours.


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