Honeymoon: 48-72 Hours


For dinner, while TW still wasn’t feeling well we were trying to find simple foods. Knowing Shore Fyre was no longer the go to for us. I googled: “steak rice salad Oahu” and sure enough 2 minutes from our hotel was a place called The Steak Shack. This sounded enough like blazing steak to coax TW away from the safety of the hotel and bathroom.

It was a shack-esque outlet right on the beach. Steak or chicken, rice and salad. We will have 2 steaks please. TW couldn’t get through it all but it was what we were after.

Steak Shack
Steak Shake. Easy to miss but worth the trip.

It had been a big day of not a whole lot so I think we were off to sleep about 8pm.

In the morning, TW still was not feeling like much food. About lunch time we went for a walk.

I got sunburnt and TW got sick of walking.

We were going to look at Kaka’ako graffiti art. We got an uber back as soon as we found the first building with something pretty on it.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 7.24.51 PM
We saw this very pretty piece before we went back. We didn’t stop to take photos due to sunburn and cranks but this lovely photo is by:¬†https://www.norrislwphotography.com/8rawoty4dqdlgi4honlgvbzjwpjr65

We did have some more steak shack.

Keep an eye out, it is easy to walk past right near subway.
Steak Shake
I got chicken – TW stuck with beef. Chicken is Teriyaki flavoured.

Binge watched Ballers and then watched the new episode.

I slept through until 10am.

TW woke up hungry – good sign. We had lunch booked for midday so there was the debate about it being too late for breakfast now or should we get a snack.

We had lunch with our rep. Lunch was amazing. Here we got to learn about all the things the hotel offers that we didn’t get to enjoy.

I had the grilled chicken sandwich

I opted for a plain lunch. TW was looking for a light meal so he ordered the fish.

Pretty good looking fish. I didn’t try any but the reports were good.

Our orders were put to shame and we immediately had food envy when Roberts meal came out.

How good does this look! We will have to order it next time.

We also got the tour of the hotel. You would usually get this on check in but if you remembered we skipped that and headed straight to the room.

Decent looking gym equipment with an inspirational view for your work out.

We saw the gym, hospitality suite – it is more like a club lounge and business centre than any other hospitality suite I have seen.

The room that TW is going to tell everyone to book – we asked to see a room because we didn’t take any photos of ours before we opened our suitcases and emptied the contents on the floor. We got to see one of the best rooms.

The room was tranquil and views just stunning.

We also headed over to the Waikiki Parc hotel. Sister to Halekulani – the business hotel with signing privileges at Halekulani. You can access everything at Halekulani that a Halekulani guest can except for the pool. Parc has its own pool and easy access to the beach.

View from the Waikiki Park pool lounge area. With views like this why wouldn’t you want to use this pool!

Both hotels were calm, relaxed and modern. Waikiki Parc is a funky hotel/business hotel and Halekulani is a resort. There is a difference in the feel of each property and you feel the luxury and grandeur of the Halekulani (when you aren’t too busy taking it for granted while sick).

It was a real treat to see both properties and while we will be staying at both as walk through is always advantageous. I would recommend taking the tour on check in, Halekulani isn’t huge, it isn’t going to take a long time. There is a lot on offer and the walk lets your guest services agent tell you about them and point out where they might be. We found out how to get to the beach from the hotel on our tour, we had looked and given up. Deciding there was no access from the hotel other than to go back out to the street. There is. It is right by the pool towel hut. It isn’t hard to find but still it was easy to miss. All it took was someone to confidently point and then we understood and saw what was there all along.

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