We drove to Whistler directly from our Costco Lunch. It was a very pretty drive. Through downtown and around the mountains on the ocean road.


Nice bridge to start the exit from Vancouver

We arrived at our hotel a few hours after we planned, due to flight delays, but still at a reasonable hour or so we thought. While the sun was up and it felt like mid afternoon we were actually arriving closer to 8pm.

We checked in and in our room we found a lovely note, welcome wine on ice and chocolate covered strawberries with pistachio. It was amazing. We had booked the hotel 6 hours before and they still managed to get a personal letter and honeymoon gift in there. I was more than impressed.

Welcome to Canada

Welcome gift and letter from the Fairmont Chateau Whistler

The room itself was quite large, we had a Juliet balcony and appeared to be on one of the highest floors (level 8 and the lift went up to level 10).


I couldn’t help but think these rooms and this hotel would be amazing in winter. It was lovely now, in summer, and I couldn’t imagine all the snow of winter but the rooms had such a warm and cozy feel I felt they would really shine in winter.

When we went for dinner, we found that our room was on the top floor of that section of Hotel. TW was happy with this. He also put his head outside the window when in the room to confirm his findings.


Pretty Hotel – Fairmont Chateau Whistler – all light up after dinner.


View of our dinner restaurant from our room.


View of another portion of the hotel from our window and the mountain scape behind


I liked this sitting area. It is in the lift well. i guess if all are being used, you may as well be in comfort and take in the view while you wait.

We got up reasonably early but still late for what we would want to acheive in a day.

The scenery was amazing. Photos don’t do it justice. It is worth driving between Whistler and Kamloops. You might get a bus or train but it is stunning and if you don’t have to fly over/bypass it, I wouldn’t.



It was just really nice to drive through the hills.

Lunch, we stopped at Salmon Arm and had a picnic by the lake.


Our Lunch Spot. Super peaceful.

They had these by the boat ramp. I did think it was really cool.19893544_10155787868349610_942946504_o

We finished the day off with a visit to Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. I had heard many good things about Lake Louise but after the scenery of the day, it wasn’t the highlight. Possibly people had talked it up or the fact I have seen nicer lakes (The Alpsee – Neuschwanstein Castle), or maybe 9pm isn’t the best light. I was expecting to be blown away and I was instead content. It looked like a great summer holiday spot but I would still rate Whistler and surrounds as nicer.

We headed in to Banff, checked in to a hotel – we walked in and asked for a room, how old school. We went directly to dinner because if we went to the room we were likely to skip the meal.

Mexican at Magpie and Stump. Nice generic American Mexican. Completely inoffensive food but lacking fire and flavour you get from real Mexican. We always take that risk, it rarely pays off.


I couldn’t get a good photo of the food. So here are the drinks.

We got back to the hotel. Found our room. Parked out front and unpacked the car.

This brings us to just before midnight and rounds out our 130th hour.

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