We received our wedding video edited but we asked for all of the footage and I am working on making my own edits. I know it is going to be difficult for me, I have never used editing software. I don’t know how to layer sounds. To start to understand what I need, I used the iMovie wizard to create a trailer. We only got our wedding video not a teaser or trailer. It didn’t take long to make for a first attempt but for something I am happy with, I think it will take me months. We have so much footage and so many different things happening, to reduce it down to something cohesive and watchable will be difficult for me. I am enjoying watching all of the out takes and generally remembering the day.

So here it is.

Lupe, I am putting this out of sequence just for you.

Enjoy and I look forward to hearing your feedback on it!



My first attempt at any video editing ever. I followed the template for the movie trailer “love story” in iMovie. It was easy and if I had been through all the videos and picked what I wanted to use ahead of time it would have been fast using iMovie but as I was looking and loading things in from the memory stick it did take me half a day to create it. I was really upset that I couldn’t do much with the sound, other than mute my own clips.

Google and youtube videos taught me some amazing things. Everything was so simple, I just needed to know it was there. Others have already created “how to” blogs and videos so I googled the key terms for what I wanted to learn – how to add music to iMovie. I thought I HAD to use what was loaded in. I learnt not only can I remove what is there, I can add in many of my own layers. I learnt how to fade sound in and out, how to manually soften or automatically. There was even a function to slow or speed up the footage and most importantly youtube showed me how to detach the sound from the video so I could have voice overs playing.

I spent a day googling, youtubing and practicing the skills on my own video.

I was excited to show TW what I had done. When he got home, his comments were really focussed on the camera shake where videos were filmed free hand. This was so annoying. I spent all day learning things and his first comment is about something not only can I not fix but I didn’t create. So I sulked a bit overnight and then googled how you might get rid of shake in film.

There was a wonderful youtube tutorial on this software and plug in you could download. I was happy, it looked like the shake could be removed but I couldn’t be bothered to download the software just yet. So I went back to iMovie and was going to share what I had before I deleted it to start the real one. I need to get real music as well. I had a lot of fun playing on this learning edit but to get some atmosphere music I recorded what was playing thought the microphone record in iMovie. This app really does seem to have everything I need, for an amateur edit of a wedding video. It is time consuming but the time also flies by because it is really fun and I am learning a new skill. I don’t know I will ever need it again but now I get to make multiple movies with different themes so it is exciting times.

The edit where I am practicing my skills is:

I did find the voice clips to include nice things about TW but I decided as this was just a learning tool that I had learnt enough. There was no more disk space on my computer so I wanted to save and delete the project to create the room required on my laptop to make the real version or a more planned version. This one was still my original template but I added more content, changed some, put sound in, used slow mo and speed up, shake reduction etc so there wasn’t a point in making this to the full video as it wasn’t what I wanted anyway.

Secrets of India are the tour company we used to plan our trip and wedding.

So after a month of editing this is what I came up with. We had issues with sound because the project played the levels differently than the theatre/completed item. I haven’t run this through the sound checks to adjust as needed to meet the needs of the tv but I will, then I can save the file and delete the project to move on to the next.

This is the low res version.

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