Singapore – Day 20

This morning I work up super early so then I ended up sleeping in and almost missing breakfast. It was noticed and when I went for breakfast they mentioned I was arriving late. True. I did. I also wasn’t that hungry so I just got some of the mini cupcakes and pastries and a glass of juice. I have had the mini cupcakes before but it appears never this flavour because inside was a hidden ball of caramel and I almost died and went to heaven. Nom nom nom.

I had a bit of travel stuff to look at once I woke up properly, which was a little while after breakfast. Then I went for a snack. I had breakfast so late that it was wait and only have dinner, maybe an early dinner or have a snack. I know the staff were getting keen to clean my room and top up the mini bar so I turned off the do not disturb light and almost immediately someone came to check something. Then they came to ask if they could clean the room. It was pretty late so first they wanted to check what I needed in the mini bar and would be back to clean the room. I went to get a snack while the room was cleaned.

The thought of McDonalds makes me sick. It stems from the fact that I was fine, then I had lunch with TW that day he had the morning off to get the visa paperwork and it was after that lunch that I started getting sick. It has nothing to do with McDonalds and everything to do with association. Anyway I really want chips and McDonalds would be the easy place to get chips, hot chips, french fries, fries, whatever you know them as. It would have been easy from there but even chips, I just can’t stomach the thought of anything from there. I go to KFC. When we were in Singapore years ago KFC wasn’t great but I figure the chips were probably ok and we didn’t like chicken. I can’t remember. I got for a snack bock, hot tenders and chips. It comes with a drink.

There was a sign up at KFC, save the world from plastic straws if you REALLY need one then you can ask. It is a great thing, reducing plastic straws. You really don’t need to use one for a drink. The point is pretty moot though when they put a plastic lid on the cup and give me two plastic bags for my small snack meal thing. KFC in Australia has been using paper bags for as long as I can remember and I really don’t need a bag for a cup. Cups in bags is a big thing here. They have special bags that are basically belts with handles. I kind of get it but I am trying to reduce my consumption of single use plastics so I also don’t really get it. Handles make things easy but I really can carry a cup without handles.

TW had a lovely looking wood fired pizza for lunch. Looks good right. So good.

So dinner cost me $5.80 and this is what I got for it. The drink was from my free minibar.

So I took a better photo of the inside of the dumpling. Yes I got the same thing as yesterday and those are dumplings. They are right. They have wontons as well they are shaped different. I don’t know what I was thinking yesterday. I was probably thinking I want some deep fried wontons but ordered dumplings by accident lol.

They have a full on whole prawn in them. I think a slice of mushroom and then something minced altogether. Nom nom nom. Once again the meal comes in parts and I assemble it myself. Pretty fancy.

TW had some work meetings today, they started quite late. His dinner was quite late but one of his favourite things about work trips is the work meals. He was very excited to tell me about his oversized prawn.

And the gloating didn’t stop there. This was food for just 2 people.

Our little elf on a shelf enjoyed a real bath in Bangkok.

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