Lola – health check complete.

cat cuddles

As part of the immigration process, Lola had to have a health check and certain treatments. These have to be completed two days prior to arrival in Singapore. Once administered she couldn’t have any visitors. The treatment is for worms and fleas and the health check is a general assessment that she is fit an healthy. It isn’t a complete health check, our own vet completed all of that and her health records have been forwarded.

Yesterday her health check was conducted. Fit and healthy and ready to fly. She does have to wait the 48 hours after the treatments before she can travel, though. So she has a bit longer to wait.

cat grass is growing

No doubt she is charming everyone into giving her cuddles. Today will be a nothing day for her but tomorrow will be the final phase and quite a big day. Her grass has gone a little mental so she needs to come and demolish it.

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