Honeymoon days 16-17

Hotel Wailea dinner

We spend 2 relaxing nights at Hotel Wailea. Our final night we had the most amazing dinner. This was going to be the last real night of our honeymoon as we have to start our journey home tomorrow.

Hotel Wailea dinner

We had an amazing time doing nothing on Maui. Such a great way to relax after the huge, no time for stopping road trip across Canada.

Hotel Wailea dinner

Our flights home are from Honolulu and it leaves super early in the morning. We leave Maui about check out time, fly to Honolulu and spend a night so that we can make the early morning flight. This stay we are at the Halekulani’s sister hotel the Waikiki Park Hotel. We have been a bit worried about it because the Halekulani was so nice we just don’t know if we can be in Waikiki and not at the Halekulani. As soon as we check in and get to our room, all of those fears are put to rest.

Hotel Wailea dinner

We pack and do washing after checking in. I sort through luggage. We left some luggage here at the start of our trip. Things I need for my move to New Zealand that I wouldn’t need at any other point – not in Canada not in Hawaii. It was super handy to have the hotel willing to store them so long before our arrival. So I was sorting through that and packing things into the allocated bags we would check in tomorrow morning. Things that needed to go with me and everything else.

Hotel Wailea dinner

TW went and got dinner while I get all of this done. We decided on steak shack. Those steak, rice and salad meals that we are so fond of and are a local Hawaiian favourite. He ordered a steak plate for each of us and also a Pluto Pup for me. He was so proud of himself. I had, at some point, mentioned I would like a Dagwood Dog, which he calls a Pluto pup. Similar to a corn dog only the batter isn’t made with gritty cornmeal.

Steak shack Waikiki

One his way back to the hotel, however, the doors to the lobby required opening. There was a kid messing about at the doors but on the other side. TW tried to open the doors but his hands were full. The kid – like a teen/tween, not a 4-year-oldĀ – didn’t help with the doors. TW had to manually push the doors, trying to avoid an annoying, in the way and refusing to be helpful, child.

steak shack

It was in opening the doors that TW dropped our dinner. One of the packs burst open and all its contents spilled across the floor. The kid laughed, TW cried. Staff were called to clean up. TW eventually returned to the room, sad, defeated, hungry and upset. He had been so happy moments ago, but I didn’t see it. Now, he was just sad. Sad and hungry.

It took me a while but I coaxed the problem out of him. I laughed and gave him a hug. He was so upset he was still shaking. I loved the corn dog, well at least the effort and thought. I don’t actually like corn dogs, the batter is bleh. Dagwood dogs all the way. I told him that tomorrow I was moving to New Zealand so he just had to get over it and enjoy the rest of the time we had together. He didn’t, he still isn’t over it.

Waikiki Park hotel gift

One of the most amazing things on arriving in the room was the gifts. This was our last honeymoon night. Even though the last real night of the honeymoon was last night, we don’t go home until tomorrow. Our hotel knew this. The hotel manager and the sales manager both gave us gifts and cards in the room. It was so super sweet and unexpected. Wine, two cards and two boxes of cookies. I have never splurged on these cookies but next time we go I might just have to. We loved them. One of the boxes was the biggest gift pack available. It was very well received to say the least.

That is it. All over. Done. Honeymoon complete. We upgraded at the airport. Just in case the flight home was going to be filled with the same drama as the flight over, we thought it best to sit in the comfort of business for that. Everything went off without a hitch. TW went home when we arrived in Sydney and I didn’t. I went through the international transit lounge and headed off to NZ, in business on a points flight.

I think it is about time we go back!

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  1. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I hope some day to go! I just worry that the day I go will, I’ll never come home. XD Poor TW and the dinner door fiasco. I feel his frustration.

    At least your trip wrapped up with a wonderful treat. What a nice gift from the hotel staff for your final night. They sound so yummy!

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