Do you think Lola misses the farm?

Lola is cute

Cat was being a silly head last night. She was snooping around the wardrobe and started to make a bed in something she shouldn’t be digger her claws into so I picked her up. When I picked her up she saw the up spot so I had to let her go up. 

Lola up in a bag
she is in that bag, squishing the contents down

Lola loves up, she sat down and took stock of all her lands from the great heights. Laughing at her feeble minions doing her bidding. Then she started to snook up there.

She forced her way in to the partly opened bag of blankets and winter pjs that are stored at the top of the wardrobe.

Lola bag
Close up while she was up. She got annoyed at us, she just wanted to be left alone to chill.

Well, from in there she was super happy. We had to stop everything and watch to make sure she was fine. One door was closed so the bag couldn’t fall out, we opened it to take a photo because she was being too cute. 

Lola bag

TW was there the whole time to catch her if she tipped it. Then we got too worried and brought her down. It was actually super easy, more so than usual because of the bag.

She was so happy on the bag she didn’t care about being up high or not. Then I annoyed her too much so she got out of the bag.

Lola bag

We were trying to figure out if it was because these clothes and blankets smelled like us, like Sydney or the farm and bringing back memories for her. Or, was it that they didn’t smell enough like her – as they were locked away, up high, in plastic, so she was doing her best to brand these in her famous Lola scent. I mean, we can’t tell the difference  but she sure can.

Lola bag
The blue bag had been on top of the clear bag in the cupboard

In the morning she had a nice little nap on her cow hide rug. The one we bought specifically to ensure she didn’t miss the farm. I knew it wouldn’t smell like Australia, Sydney, the country or home but maybe the cow smell would be familiar enough to her that it would bring back memories of the farm.

Lola bag
She was trying to work out how to get on top of both so for her safety we took the blue one down and then she just jumped straight in to the clear one.

After last night, up in the bag and so happy in there and then this morning on the rug. I am starting to think she was remembering the few months she enjoyed, dog free, at the farm. When she went back just before her trip over, it was too hot so she didn’t want to leave the house. Which is good for us. She is an inside cat and she has to be an inside cat in Singapore. I would like to think she is happy with an inside farm. 

Lola rug

She goes mental crazy running around the apartment. She thinks I build her an obstacle course. It is required that I play with her a couple of times a day. She gets to run up the side of things. We still need to get her bed from home but I don’t know if she would still be interested in it. 

Lola is cute

She is so cute.

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