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When Lola arrived we got Vetmobile to come out and do up a new script and generally check up on her. She had just been through vets for the international move. We weren’t at any of those appointments so being with a vet and asking questions was comforting but we needed to get the script for her asthma anyway so we may as well have her looked over.

Well, her F3 vaccine will be due again soon in a few weeks. I just facebook chat with these guys, they are so helpful and friendly. When they came they WhatsApp’d me and have sent messages through WhatsApp as well. Everything is super easy. I don’t need to go to any effort really. I am already using my computer. WhatsApp web is always running so people in Australia can talk to me about their travels and then neither Lola nor I need to leave the house for the vet visit. How easy.

We did use Pyrmont Vet in Sydney and they also came to our apartment but for big things, we would have to take her in. We will have to do that here as well, which is a little harder as we don’t have a car but right now, she doesn’t need big things. Her teeth were cleaned and lungs x-rayed, along with bloodwork back in Sydney. Back when we needed a diagnosis for her coughing. No operation needed, Asthma was the cause, which is under control here as well – because of the script from VetMobile.

If you are needing a vet but don’t have a car or pet that likes to travel and live in Singapore. I do recommend them.

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