One thing in short supply in Singapore is beef cat food. Lola used to eat dine or fancy feast. We would get her a range of seafood, chicken and beef options. Not with cheese, she doesn’t like those and not turkey or lamb. Just chicken, not too much chicken, tuna, salmon, seafood generally and beef. She loves beef but too many in a row and she goes off it.

Well, they don’t have the beef options here that she likes and she was getting sick of seafood. We had to scour supermarket shelves to try and find something with even a hint of beef. Finally, we found a sachet, tomato, courgette and beef. To be honest, I didn’t think it would fly. I haven’t ever seen her eat something with vegetables in it before. While labels say one thing, ingredients could be something completely different – as is the gamble with any pet food product.

She devoured it. I think there is only one other beef cat food option available in the country but I haven’t seen it stocked anywhere yet. We would rather buy one or two and test if she likes them before committing to a crate load.

We are pretty happy with the discovery and may have to bring back some of her favourites from Australia. She has been a little fussier than usual. She eats but we noticed she isn’t eating much. Then we realised we were both giving her breakfast but once we sorted that out, she still wasn’t eating much. Not of the wet food anyway. We would rather her eat the wet food than the dry food.

There is no getting around it though, she likes the beef.

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