Retro Fever – I don’t have it

Gardens by the Bay have changed their nightly garden rhapsody from the Enchanted Woods to Retro Fever.

I loved enchanted wood, not a big fan of retro fever. I don’t think I ever got disco but for me the music is a bit messy, transitions are messy and the lights don’t quite match the songs or the beat.

We have just on 2 months of this show, with a special Star Wars show on for May 3-5.

What I do like is the colours. There are more colours in this show with some spunk and funk thrown in for good measure. I wish I loved disco or for less treble and more bass in the music. I might be able to get on board with more bass or a life long love of all things Saturday Night Fever.

Not this time.

Tulips are out in full in the flower dome though. Flower dome for the win.

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