First item to arrive - Chilli Cuban cocktail for TW
First item to arrive – Chilli Cuban cocktail for TW

Last night we had French. I had tried to order it for delivery when we were both feeling crappy, worn out and tired on our 4 day working weekend. The delivery was cancelled but I still wanted it. Not enough that night to walk one street over and go get it but enough to hold a slight craving.

Saveur Truffle Fries
Truffle Fries

Delivery would have saved a decent amount of money. TW ordered a lot of additional things for himself that I would/did not order for delivery. Truffle fries – even though I don’t like truffle. So, some chips for himself.

Lamb Shank
Lamb Shank

For dinner I had the lamb shank, which was everything you would hope it to be.

Confit Duck
Confit Duck

TW had the confit duck. Possibly duck l’orange but I didn’t look at the menu too closely. It was considerably cheaper than mine, which is interesting to me. Backwards from what I am used to, I think.

Chocolate fondant cake
Chocolate fondant cake

Then TW also ordered sweets. I didn’t order any but I did have some of his.

The place was decently busy for a Monday night and it seemed everyone but us ordered the French onion soup. I am not super keen on the classic dish. It might be a little too salty for me.

Saveur was cheap enough, tasty enough and close enough to become part of our regular eat out cycle. It was a nice western feast, French for sure but good hearty dishes, great for all those cold winter nights we will be facing here in Singapore.. oh, um. Good for satisfying our cravings for richly sauced meaty western dishes.

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