Landlord inspection

So, as you would expect from days of constant jackhammering – and it is confirmed to be actual jackhammering next door. There has been damage to our apartment. Tiles in the bathroom and possibly a wall now have damage.

We moved Cat’s bed to the lounge room to get her away from the noise and vibration. I think she thought it was just a giant cat purring semi violently. It wasn’t. I am not sure she is happy to be removed from it though.

The building next door has one bedroom apartments where the bedroom is a mezzanine level. They had those enclosed but are removing the enclosing wall to make it a loft style apartment where the bedroom opens on to the rest of the apartment. Literally jackhammering the wall away.

That wall runs perpendicular to our wall. So you wouldn’t think it would have been days/weeks of racket for us. But today they were still drilling and hammering away against our wall. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks it will stop.

Their renovation plans have changed a huge amount since submitting for approval and starting the works. I think that is kind of how these things go, though.

Next week sometime they are meant to start on the next level up. So, as much as the landlord here thinks that is going to be better, I feel it won’t be much better for us.

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