Lola is home

Her heart is good, no signs of cancer or pancreatitis.

Nothing to explain her inability to walk properly but a tonne of good news for her overall health.

And then we got her home. The bandage on her leg, we thought was a bandage, to be removed in days. It was a tournequet not a bandage. Just to stop the bleeding where the catheter was removed.

We had it on 11 hours. Over night. We left the vet just after 7pm and I woke up about 5:30am.

She got up just before 6am when I picked her up out of her bed for her to cuddle me. Lola didn’t feel like cuddles and very concerningly drunk walked. She wobbled, fast but not steady, over TW, scampered away when I tried to grab her before she jumped off the bed and headed to the bathroom.

When she was done I offered her food. I had to hand feed her. That is when I noticed the size of her paw. 3 to 4 time the size of the other. I picked her up and yelled for TW to help me get the bandage off. I couldn’t do it myself without her getting away.

11 hours it was on, something that is meant to be removed after a max of 15 mintues and was likely not needed.

We feel terrible. Just absolutely terrible. We weren’t told so we didn’t know. TW had thought about it about 8pm but didn’t think to ask the vet because his parents were in Singapore for 12 hours and he was at the airport to see them. He left as soon as Lola left her carrier.

TW called the vet at 6am and they said it should start to be normal by mid morning. 6 hours later her paw was still 3 times the size. He called the vet again and they said to wait another 6 hours. I think they didn’t realise how long it was on for. It is starting to reduce now, 12 hours later.

But now I wonder, did she hurt her foot when it was fat and swollen and bandaged and she jumped off the bed. She can’t walk on it. She keeps it tucked under.

Was it on so long that tissue started to die. Is the dead tissue going to spread. Did our actions cause more issues and is she going to lose the paw. I don’t know if I will beleive it is ok until it is confirmed that it isn’t. Once she loses the foot I will stop stressing over if she is going to lose the foot.

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