Lola – home vet visit

So after her ordeal and waiting almost a day for the swelling to generally go down. Not all the way but a lot. We had the home vet come tonight (roughly 36 hours post removal of the bandage – 48 hours since release from hospital).

She is mostly ok, they think nothing is broken but even if it is, they can’t do much for a cat. They can’t put it in a splint or cast, she said it is just difficult with a cat so the usual treatment is let it rest. Which is her reccommendation anyway. Rest and as long as there is a trend towards health she should be ok.

Lola is an ace at resting. She wasn’t a fan when the vet arrived and she jumped, fell and nose dived slightly to try and get away. I tried to grab her. She just moved so quick as soon as she smelt them. Even then the vet check her over and said it is probably going to be ok just keep a close eye on it.

It is good to have the reassurance…. from a professional, lots of people said it would be ok but we needed to hear it from someone with some kind of training.

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