Lolypols is the cutest

Like just super cute.

Even with her gross ring worm thing she is just the cutest.

It is slowly getting better but I think it is one of the ones where we will probably have to treat it for about 6 weeks. I was hoping for a 2 week one. Gone after a week, treated for an additional week but we are close to two weeks now and it’s slightly better but no where near gone.

My gross, fungus covered little kitty is the cutest ever. I will be happy once it is gone. But she is just the cutest and she seems to be almost back to full health. Weight up, energy up, she can fan her paw out again so what ever pain or damage happened seems be healing, a few sneezes, no coughing, just the fungus in one spot. Can not wait for her to be fully recovered.

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