Moving to Singapore
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3 months living in Singapore

3 months celebration TW on the Skyway

3 months. Wow, where did the time go?!

GBTB Skyway

We have been in Singapore, as expats for 3 whole months. To celebrate, I was up late finishing off our application for what I cannot talk about. Before that, we went to Gardens By the Bay. Our first time on the skyway. TW hilariously got stuck behind people gripping both sides of the walkway. When it widened he managed to get past them and catch up to me. The staff member standing near me asked if they needed any help and the man of the couple said they were ok just afraid of heights. Don’t worry, the staff member explained, it has been here for 7 years already.

GBTB Skyway

They were now just steps away from us as they had this exchange. Pretending to be ignorant of their conversation but also extremely bothered that they refused to let him past TW tells me that steel only has a 7-year lifespan. A laugh just blurts out of me, I didn’t mean to, I just wasn’t expecting it, and tell him he is horrible. We both get a death stare from the couple who basically drop to their knees as TW adds that he is an engineer. TW isn’t an engineer, but they didn’t know that. TW was really annoyed at their refusal to let him past. He did ask nicely, so he tells me. I don’t know if they believe TW but they do exit rather quickly.

GBTB Skyway

The time has certainly flown by. Lola arrived, we moved from a 5-star hotel to normal life. Bought a new couch, had a holiday in Thailand. TW has been paid three times. Yay for pay. He has also been to Thailand twice, KL once and Indonesia once on work trips. Maybe not as much travel as we thought but he does have Hong Kong coming up next week. His work was having end of year and their new year ramp up (Jan 31 is their end of year) so it is always a pretty odd time at work. We should have a better handle in the coming months on how much work travel he will really do.

We are happy here and so is Lola. That is the main thing.

TW on GBTB Skyway

TW really loves Gardens by the Bay. We had a nice time at the Skyway and flower dome last night. When anyone comes to visit us, you can be sure we will take you there. TW wouldn’t miss an opportunity to go. Gardens by the Bay is free entry but the skyway, flower dome and cloud forest require a paid ticket for entry.

Cheers to these fantastic first 3 months and many more great times to come.

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  1. Anonymous says

    Lovely to hear that the two of you are happy or should i say three(Lola)
    When we come over on our way to Europe in May we will certainly want to see the sights maybe not on way over only 1 night on way back 2 nights will be better Tris looks well Nanny will be pleased to hear that you have settled in so well All our love Mum and Dad(Williams)

    • It was pretty hot last night and we were both a bit tired so he might look a bit tired. But he started again with the whole trying to have a healthier lifestyle so he will be pleased to hear you think it is working.

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