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5 week long Honeymoon

Well, I planned and booked my friends sisters honeymoon. They have been away for 4 weeks and have 10 days to go but got pickpocketed in Barcelona. Thankfully they have their passports and are with friends at the moment. Their friends leave in a couple of days so they have a week by themselves. They have a hire car to collect. A hire car without a drivers licence or credit card on hand.

The next portion of the honeymoon seems like it will be difficult. It only just happened and we do have a couple of days so we are trying to come up with some solutions.

If anyone knows someone able to drive them in Spain and Portugal drop me a line. They could really use the help right now. The banks are sorting them out an emergency credit card but they still won’t have a drivers licence so still no way to pick up a car.

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