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90% didn’t stay home

Argh! What the crud are people thinking.

90% of people with covid in the last 3 weeks or was it 2 weeks. Since this new outbreak. 90% of the people who felt sick, had symptoms, didn’t stay home. What the hell.

It is so disappointing. We are doing our best to stay home and avoid all contact with the outside world as possible, even when we looked at the other apartment in our building, we wore masks, stood away from the property manager, washed out hands and people who feel sick and have symptoms can’t just stay at home? Not even a call to a clinic to see if they should be tested.

People being tested and just going to work or the store. Why!

Triston got tested and we made a list of where he had been in case he needed it. We use the app and those things but telling someone also helps get the info quickly, we assume, it was a very short list.

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