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90 nights in Hyatt

Now, thats not 90 nights in a hotel because it was more than that for a year. Not every hotel was a Hyatt. Hyatt is a small chain so they didn’t have hotels everywhere we went. It is just 90 nights.

Last night we completed the 90th night in a Hyatt. In a couple of days we will have the choice of an award – 10,000 points or a suite upgrade. We will take the points and likely use those for a nice stay in the Maldives.

It isn’t 100% confirmed that we will spend our points on the Maldives but it is the way we are leaning at the moment. The world of Hyatt program is changing to have peak, off-peak and standard pricing for points redemptions so we are trying to book in as many points nights now. Everything now is what will be standard moving forward.

If we book something and it moves to off-peak you get the difference in points back but if it moves to peak and you already have it booked in, you don’t have to pay the additional. So there is no disadvantage to planning out our trips and booking our points stays in now. We just need those extra 10,000 points to tip us over the line for an additional night.

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