Moving to Singapore
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A year in Singapore

Singapore Marina Bay Sands

About this time last year we were at the airport and getting ready to move over to Singapore. The morning started a bit rushed and chaotic but we got there in the end. Most of the bags we had packed were too heavy to come with us so we had to repack and leave half the stuff behind.

Hua Hin night markets

A lot has happened in a year. We went to America twice. Only to New York the first time and then a road trip from LA to Phoenix to San Fran via Big Sur. Two Metallica concerts, one in Vienna and S&M night 1 in San Francisco. Hong Kong, Jakarta, Phuket, Bangkok, Hua Hin, Sydney/Australia twice, Vienna. Dublin to the tippy top of Northern Ireland with a stop in Belfast to catch the Foo Fighters on our way back to Dublin.

We did catch Queen, Hootie and the Blowfish and The Barenaked Ladies in New York. Our first concert this year we Ed Sheeran in Singapore. Multiple free concerts, artist displays, spoken word and poetry performances at the Esplanade Theatres in Marina Bay make this our busiest arts appreciation year ever.

I was sick a tonne, Triston was sick a tonne. Lola was sick and injured a but. Well, Lola had a big 12 months as well. Moving from the farm to a village house she then had to fly from Dubbo to Sydney to Singapore. We have all recovered but Triston may have cut his mouth and have a gum infection now. Not sure. Generally we did ok.

Joo Chiat pretty

My parents arrive in a couple of days, I am very excited. They are our first visitors. We have been visited by my Aunt and Uncle, Triston’s best friends older sister and her new husband and his parents as they stopped over in Singapore on other trips. Those were also exciting but very brief.

We filmed for a TV show in Sydney and in Singapore. Possibly the first TV filming for Triston, I have filmed a couple times before but that was as a kid when tv shows would come to schools. Like the weather man came one time and Totally Wild a couple of times (though I had changed schools). I am not sure I made it into any of the footage that aired on those and as a kid you don’t pay attention. Not when there are 30 other people so this was really super interesting.

My mum saw my grandma for the first time in ages. My grandma also turned 80 this year. Sadly, Triston’s grandma didn’t make it through the year. I believe she got past her own birthday though.


We bought an annual pass (well we got one for Christmas) to Gardens by the Bay and then renewed for an additional year in July. I guess we learned we really do like it that much. I can’t imagine living here without every day access to the flower dome.

Cherry blossom festival GBTB flower dome

Probably quite unfortunately for us, we have settled into the clean, efficient and organised way of life in Singapore. Far too easily. I don’t know how we would convert back. We learnt about local customs, not all of them, but the immediately practical ones like chope.

Meat Smith Pulled pork

Our investment properties in Australia did require some repairs but generally it wasn’t a big issue. Next year it looks like one of our apartments will go over to a 6-10 year lease. We are deciding the term at the moment though we don’t have to go with that option at all. Why not though, right? We no longer plan to live in that apartment again and planning to be here about 5 years or until Lola dies so it doesn’t seem like a bad option to get that one locked in. Set and forget basically.

investing. Sydney apartment.

Work is much the same here as in Sydney. Except any trip Triston needs to take for work where a flight is involved, he will be going to another country. For work he has travelled to KL, Penang and Manilla. I didn’t visit those cities with him. He has been to Jakarta a lot with work, Manilla just a couple times and KL was a decent amount. I think he went to Bangkok twice but the first time all, or most, of his meetings got cancelled. That was when I was sick last December. So he got to have a holiday away from me while I recovered.

All in all it has been probably the best overall year in the last 10. It is unfortunate that not everyone made it through the last 12 months. The previous 12 months I lost 3. This last 12 months has been pretty good when most years I lose multiples. Not so great for Triston as he tends not to know my family or friends who live further away. He has heard all the stories but doesn’t know them. He knew his Grandma though so this one has been pretty hard for him. Not that he has dealt with it. I think he would agree that the last 12 months have been pretty good.

Not every risk has a reward, at worst it has a lesson. Bring on the next 12 months in Singapore.

TW on GBTB Skyway
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