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Ah Chew Dessert Bugis

For over a year we have seen long lines of an evening and sometimes during the day at the large hole in the wall that is Ah Chew Dessert. It happens to be directly next door to the entrance to our apartment.

Given the lines can be over an hour long, on a food street where half the stores are actually dessert stores (most of the rest are hotpot stores of some kind) we decided it must be good if it is worth the wait. You would think if it wasn’t worth it people would go to one of the many alternatives. Generally, they don’t though.

This is the kind of thing Triston doesn’t like so we haven’t been. Today, I was super thirsty but also energy-less after a very stressful day/afternoon. I decided that I was going to try it and Triston came along.

Now, you may think that I ordered two dishes because I wanted to try it. In fact, Triston ordered two. They were fairly cheap and he wasn’t sure if he would like either so he ordered two that caught his eye. He enjoyed them both.

So Triston had the carnation milk and the black rice dishes and I had the mango sago dish. He said mine was too sweet for him but he also doesn’t like mango.

I thought his were ok, I am not sure I would order either again. I do like the black rice pudding but I like it with coconut – which is a different dish but is available.

He ordered ice cream with both of his, I got it with mine as well but I am not sure he needed two bowls and two scoops of ice cream. Whatever I guess.

When I met Triston he was super fussy about food so I can’t really be bothered to try and have him explore food anymore. He is actually really open with food now compared to when we met.

Though sometimes I do still feel the need to document things. Like the fact that he really enjoyed and ate both of the bowls he ordered.

It isn’t the best dessert that I have had. We didn’t wait in line. I don’t think I would wait in line and Triston certainly enjoyed it a lot more than me.

He said the problem is “now we know how good it is but there is always such a long line”.

Well, honey, we live next door so we can go whenever.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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