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All flights cancelled

Virgin was first to announce, all international flights cancelled until the end of May. My next notice was Jetstar Asia. Even if we wanted to there would be no way to get Nan. I had an email from Jetstar Australia next and then Qantas.

All of the usual suspects. The three Australian based international airlines. All grounded. No more international flights until the end of May.

I guess my choice has been made for me. Though we have still, for whatever reason, decided to wait until the insurance company says if they will cover the test or not.

Don’t ask me why. It is probably the stress of a million changes. It feels like lost money but with the flights now grounded we can at least get credits on flights we had already decided not to take. Not a refund and a credit relies on the airlines surviving. Still, that is a win for us.

Silver lining.

I need to make the appointment. I have waited this long though so I may as well wait for the decision from insurance.

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