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American Airlines JFK to London Heathrow

Well, AA standard economy was tight. Full and squishy. After boarding we had people stand over us and say we were in their seats…. Our boarding passes both had the same seating assignments. Just as TW was saying a staff member would help clear it up, one came up behind them and asked which of us were W and T. Well that was us. He asked us to follow him.

I did a little dance. Possibly too excited. We were upgraded, free, again, but only to premium. Though from the tight economy premium was a huge improvement.

I can’t comment on economy as we only sat in the seats for 10 minutes but the premium economy service was decent.

We departed and arrived on time, early actually but not as early as we could have becase of the curfew at Heathrow.

Our connection was less than two hours. We had a brief sit in the BA terminal 3 lounge and were quickly on the next flight.

No upgrade on that flight but it also doesn’t have any different seating. Business class just has the middle seats, of the 3-3 configuration blocked out. So as far as comfort we had the same as business class anyway.

Our 140,000 point economy ticket is returning extraordinary value so far. I doubt there will be any more upgrades because it would be London to Singapore and that seemed unlikely before but now, after actually receiving some upgrades it seems less likely.

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