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Andaz Singapore High Tea

Yesterday at 3pm was the first booking of the high tea sessions I organised.

5 people were confirmed which meant I couldn’t go as I gave up my seat to the 6th person who requested to join. It was just after I finished eating lunch that one person cancelled and I found out I could actually go.

It was really nice to get out with some fellow cake lovers for a late afternoon snack.

The booking was from 3pm to 5pm but we were chatting too much it was after 5:30pm that we left. I wouldn’t say we were ready to leave but we did need to. Kindly, we weren’t asked to leave or rushed out or told the tabled needed to be handed back because the dinner booking had arrived.

It was a pink high tea, more of a pink afternoon tea picnic. They high tea is set up in Tiffins, not on a stand.

Rose scones were brought around and served from a bread basket. Jam and Cream left on the table for us.

A large picnic basket was brought over to our table and tiffin tins were laid out, so many ting.

We had two sets for two and one set for one. It took us a moment to realise who’s was who’s and how to go about this. I think maybe if they stacked the tins and placed them in three towers it would have been less confusing for us but it was just a few moments.

Two tins of savour and three of sweets for the two person sets. The single set had one tin of savoury and two of sweet but there was one of every treat per person. There was no more or less in the single, just more space per tin per item as they didn’t need to put two of each in.

I didn’t take too many photos because I was busy talking, so nothing arty or cutesy to show. I am going again in 10 days so maybe I will take better photos then. I doubt it.

The high tea was great and there is the special voucher sale until the 22nd of September. If you are thinking of going and are in Singapore or will be before Christmas, I recommend buying a voucher and booking in. Definitely book soon even if you want to go later, they have already sold about 1,000 of the vouchers.

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