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Our Room at the Andaz Singapore

We have just over a month at the Andaz Singapore. I know you are all dying to know where we decided to stay, for a month, in a hotel.

I feel I have kept you all waiting long enough so let me tell you now. We picked the Andaz, we loved the Andaz in Ottawa (My post on Ottawa is here). OMG I loved it. Too cool for us but I just loved the rooms there. We had a corner room and a lovely welcome. The Andaz isn’t the fanciest hotel we have ever stayed in but those cost 10 times as much so for the price it was amazing. I rate it as one of the top hotels we have stayed in. Knowing Singapore has the newly opened Andaz we decided it was where we want to stay. Fitting it in to the budget was the biggest challenge.

Conveniently the Singapore Andaz is diagonally opposite TW’s new office. The stars are aligning and it seems the perfect solution for our initial accommodation problem. Andaz is a well priced 5 star hotel. Budget wise, it is our length of stay and the time of year that is putting us over budget. We make the compromise and pay the additional.

If you are asking yourself why this hotel over all of the others, that is my answer. We managed to get breakfast complimentary because of the length of our stay. There is free tea and coffee in the lobby lounge during the day. The mini bar is complimentary, once a day it is restocked, free of charge!

The rooms also have hard liquor bottles. If you want to get trashed in the room, you have option of paid or free. The mini bar has a couple beers and a bacardi freezer. The cheaper option is to have a refreshing beverage from the minibar, drunk without the cost or hangover. I don’t drink so it is all lost on me but TW is enjoying the Andaz Pale Ale (he isn’t the biggest fan of Pale Ale in general but he said he likes this one – you can read more about Singapores Micro Brewery Scene, including the Andaz Pale Ale here on someone elses’ blog, I can’t review alcohol for you) and a Tiger beer every now and then.

MRT Cards

Aside from the minibar we find a card and gift in the room. 2 MRT cards for the public transport here. Our MRT cards have been pre-loaded with credit to get us started. Just a little but very handy. These have to be the prettiest public transport cards I have ever seen and I am excited that we get to keep these. So cute, practical and useful. We are able to load more credit on to them so we can keep them for our future use as well. Not just a once off, YAY!

Breakfast is spread across three restaurants. It is a simple case of walking through them all and picking what you want. At lunch and dinner you would need to go to the appropriate restaurant to order off their menu. Breakfast they operate as one but only at breakfast. We got a tour on the first morning. I guess that tour makes all the difference with understanding how it works. We had no issues. 

Open doors

Our room is the cheapest available. We don’t get an upgrade to a different room type, due to the period in which we are staying. The hotel is sold out on a number of nights that we are staying. We did get an upgrade to a high floor and we do have a view to Malaysia. I am not sure how often we have staying in a hotel where we could see another country from our window but I feel like this is the first time. So that is impressive to us.

Closed doors

There are doors either side of the bed. One set go in to the bathroom and the other in to the foyer/entrance hall of our room.

Elf (who is a giraffe) on a shelf, hiding on the window and Mr Sheep trying to work the TV

The room itself is large and comfortable with floor to ceiling windows. The curtains and blind are electronic, with controls beside the bed.


We look out over a very cool building. Locally known as the “Gotham City Building“. I love looking at the building, it is very interesting. It is home to the Atlas bar, we haven’t been in to the building but it looks amazing inside so we will go. The inside does remind me of scenes from the recent TV series Gotham, I wonder if it is the inside or out that gave the building its name, hmmm.

Looking at our front door from the bedroom

Back to our actual room, you enter the room to a foyer/ hall. And to the one side is the walk through closet. At the end of the closet is the toilet.

The room is actually bright, I just had a fairly flat phone

The toilet has its own sink so that is super handy. There is a ledge beside the toilet which conceals the toiler paper while you stand but it is easy to see and reach when you are sitting.

Closet with toilet at the end and bathroom door adjacent to the toilet (on the left)

Adjacent to the toilet door is the door to the rest of the bathroom. A shower, sink and some general bathroom space.

The shower is large and has a rain shower head in the ceiling. We have one of the smallest rooms so just one bathroom mirror for us but there are bigger rooms with bigger bathrooms and they have double sinks. Fancy. This is more than enough space for us.


Above is the random extra space that we have. Oh do you see little hedgey in the corner? Cute little hedgehog. I had no where to pack hedgey or sheepy when we moved so they both came with us. We got Mr Giraffe here because he was the most elf like animal we could find given we couldn’t find an elf for our elf on a shelf fun.

Storage is full

We are fully unpacked and while it may not look like it in my photo that wardrobe is in a different room from the shower. It is full and then two bags are also sitting in the bathrooms random empty space – I guess it is the spot for storage. We didn’t want to bring the bags in to the bedroom because it is nice having a clean uncluttered space.

The wardrobe doesn’t have a door so we can’t block out the clutter there but the bathroom does have the door separating it from the wardrobe and toilet and then we have those cute doors in the bedroom. We learnt how much cupboard space we will need in our new place though so it was handy to unpack. The finding is we need slightly more than we have now. Not all things are clothing or would be put away – i.e. my pillows – but it is better to have things organised than shoved so slightly bigger will be more than enough.

Duo buildings

I have posted the above photo before but it highlights the different shapes of the building. As you go to different levels you can get lost or confused on what you should or would expect to see when you look out the window.

Level 38 

The shape of our level is the same shape as 38. Only level 38 has less rooms as it houses the gym and a restaurant, not hotel rooms.

Level 39

Mr Stork and the rooftop garden area is level 39. So the shape of the building is much the same as level 38 but there are some great sitting and garden areas. I love how much greenery there is in the hotel.

The building has about 15 exits, some are almost hidden secret exits. Even though they are clearly marked they still feel like trick.

The door on basement 3 indicating if you enter you will be on your way to the MRT

I think there is actually more than 15 exits. Yes the lifts are all to level 25 lobby and then you swap lifts to get to the rooms (from the lobby or you can go to level 38 and 39 without a room key and then switch to the room lifts there and go back down) but once you get in the lift, the options to exit are immense. Even when you have arrived in a lift lobby and have no real options other than go through the door it still feels like a trap, the signs right there, obvious, I see it, but how can it be? What shape is this building and where am I and where is everything else and why am I here, general thoughts that go through your head when you arrive where expected but have no idea where you are at the same time.

The door that holds those little signs

The lift does tell you that Basement 3 exits to the carpark and MRT but if you have entered and exited the building a few times, you really don’t see how there could be a lift where it would need to be that would also take you to the lobby so it seems like a trap. 

Not hidden but still feels secret

That means it will be most likely that you take the lift down to level B3 first and work out from there how to get to that lift from the MRT/Bugis junction. This is not how we did it. We followed a sign, and went through the secret but well signed door and found the lift.

The door from the shopping centre/MRT side

It isn’t that there isn’t adequate signage for this or any other entrance, it is just that there are so many ways in that if you follow one sign, you will come across another and end up entering in a completely different door than the original sign was pointing you to. And there is nothing wrong with that. It is like a little game. After a few days I am confident in 2 entrances and 3 exits. For some reason one of the ways I leave is not a way I know how to enter through but it is all fun and games. One thing is for sure, there isn’t a shortage of ways in to the hotel. I am sure there are short cuts to certain spots and knowing the right exit would help but we are here for a long time, we don’t need to rush about anything.

This morning the hotel turned their Christmas on. Level 38 had Christmas music piped in and a tree. 

Christmas on level 38

The hotel lobby also had a tree up today.

And I noticed little fir trees by the lifts, poinsettias have been out for a few days around the hotel but were ramped up today and the windows on Alley 25 were covered in decorations – but I don’t remember them not being there any more so they may have been the first to go on and I just hadn’t sat near a window before.

The itty bitty fir tree

The hotel is pretty nice and feels like home. The bed is comfy, pillows how I like them (thus mine are still in the cupboard here) the air con works well. Everything we need is here and more than what we could ask for is provided.

It is a long way down

We get to see a lot of art.

And thoughtful, considered design.

The hotel is just generally a nice place to be. Welcoming, calm, comfortable and it really does feel homey.

Not our room

Letter boxes are a theme here. They have a cute red one for check out and every room had a letter box style room number.

So cute!

I am not sure there is much more I can say about the hotel and our room and I don’t have too many more photos to share so if you haven’t gotten your fix or I haven’t convinced you that this is the right hotel for a month in a hotel in Singapore then you can read posts by other people about the hotel here and here as well. 


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