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Andaz Vienna

Back in March last year we booked the Andaz in Vienna for our stay in August. I had to wait for bookings to open because the hotel was still being built.

We were one of the first bookings made but the hotel opened a few months before we arrived so we weren’t the first to stay.

This trip was part of the trip just after Triston’s Grandma died. As I had been in touch with the hotel directly, I let them know that Triston may be sad while we were there.

The trip started with a week New York and then we headed for Vienna so I felt it might still be quite raw for Triston and I wasn’t really sure what to do. The hotel gave a cake. They also gave a mini pink bottle of bubbles and a super handy gift of hand sanitiser.

Not just any hand sanitiser, a very lovely light spray – a mini bottle each as well as a note pad each. We really like the hand sanitiser, it is like a room spray. Such a lovely smell. Made by Saint Charles Apotheker, if you are in Vienna it might be worth checking them out.

The front corners of the hotel had a view over the Belvedere Palace, we were at the back corner, so while we got to see the view in the gym, we had a view over the train tracks lol.

Our room was upgraded, we did have a suite. The windows were well soundproofed and it was actually quite interesting watching trains and trams come and go.

Breakfast was included for us. One thing we noticed was how health orientated the food was. The cyclist cafe was very healthy and breakfast, well, we managed to make the unhealthy choices but the food offered was all high quality and laid out in reasonable but quickly refreshed portions.

Hand churned butter and spreads straight from the jar.

Scrambled eggs and fresh condiments to enhance the flavours, again served from jars.

High quality local artisan ingredients were the feature of the day.

It really was one of the smallest buffets I had seen in a large hotel. But everything was so thoughtfully planned. You don’t need many ingredients when everything is of the finest quality. But actually there was a huge amount of choice.

There was a stand for juice and breads were off in their own little section as well. Cold cuts, cheese, hung meats, cereal, vegetables, pickles, eggs, mushrooms and other hot foods were all in the centre table.

Additionally, there was a menu for fresh made items. As we stayed a few days we tried pancakes, eggs benedict, smoothies, waffles and a few other dishes. Not all got a photo.

We also had dinner in the main restaurant. It was quite tasty. As we had booked a Privé booking, we had EUR80 to spend on food and initially we thought that would be easy. It turned out that we were out so often, enjoying the city, that spending the hotel credit was harder than we expected.

As an Andaz they don’t have a club lounge but they do have an evening social. The wine social included pretzels which really excited Triston.

He wasn’t so happy when the pretzels ran out though. The stand they were hung on was mocking him, in his words, by how empty it was. Though the empty stand was refreshed often and this mean the pretzels were nice and warm when they were brought out. Not really a bad plan. A few at a time but fresh for everyone.

One of the places we didn’t actually get to until the night before we left was the roof top. Sadly for us it was booked out for a meal but it was very chic. When we return we would no doubt spend a bit more time up on the roof.

The hotel was very cool, new, fresh. We enjoyed our first trip to Vienna and it turned out about half the people there the night of the Metallica concert were also attending the Metallica concert. I am not sure if it was an official hub or just that so many people were going to the concert and most other hotels were full. We did walk to the concert from the hotel but I wouldn’t say it was actually within walking distance of the stadium. You can walk it but should you? I dunno. We wanted to explore more of the city.

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