Moving to Singapore
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Getting used to our apartment

bathroom door

So there are a lot of good things about our apartment in Singapore. It is big, the air conditioners work well. We have two toilets. There is a working intercom system.

Our intercom system, by the door, that works really well.

Something we didn’t really take notice of before or when we were first moving into the apartment, was the bathroom doors.

bathroom door

Both doors in the apartment are the same. We kind of just thought they were decorative doors, maybe we realised the slats on the bottom third but we didn’t stop to think about what that meant.

bathroom door slats in our singapore apartment

As you can see by the light coming through the door slats, the room doesn’t really seal. It is a bit of an issue when we are doing the laundry as the washing machine backs on to the wall with the living room tv and the door itself is half open even when it is closed. Meaning a lot of sound travels out of the bathroom.

That isn’t really the biggest problem though. The big issue is any time TW needs to sit to use the toilet or when I need to poop if the other person is home, we may as well be standing in the room with them. Sound travels pretty well through gaps and so does smell.

That is going to take a little longer to get used to than anything else about living in another country. We aren’t bathroom sharers. I know some people are but not us. It is funny but it is true, I don’t want to see, hear or smell you pooping.

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