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Apartment cleaned, nothing moved

Yesterday, well last night, we just did a disinfect and clean.

We didn’t move anything and didn’t move Lola. It really didn’t take long to clean everything, especially with the robotmopuum because we could set her off on a disinfectant mop and vacuum run and clean everything else ourselves while she was working on the floors.

It took maybe an hour so a couple of hours later we took Lola up for a look while we tried to work out what, where and how we would moved things up.

Lola enjoyed the walk and the exploring but she was happy to be back home in our apartment. As soon as she got in our door, she jumped on the bed and flopped in a very content manner.

This is slightly concerning, will she stress out about moving? Have we made the wrong decision here. I am starting to get a little worried but I am mostly excited because the apartment is much bigger and brighter and a kitchen with eat in dining room will be nice.

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