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April Fools day, 5 years ago

Today, April 1st 2019, marks 5 years. Let me take you back

April 1 2014.

My 30th birthday being April 12, we had organised my engagement ring to be made. The deadline being before the 12th so that TW could give it to me on or before my 30th.

My phone rang, it was my mum. I answer, she says “I can’t do this” and hangs up. I call her back, no answer. Slightly freaking out, my parents are train drivers so I think they are at work and mum is in trouble. I try again. Nothing. I call my dad. He answers.

Me: Are you at work?
Dad: No.
Me: Is mum at work?
Dad: No.
Me: Are you both at home?
Dad: Yes.
Me: So, she isn’t stuck under a train carriage somewhere and nor are you?
Dad: No.
Me: What can’t she do? She just called me, said I can’t do this and hung up.
Dad: I will have to call you back.

Me: ?!?!?!?????!???!??!??
Me: …………
Me: WTfa… WTH

Time – mocking me

Dad did call me back, well I think mum dialled from her phone but made dad talk.

Dad: Your mother has cancer.
Me: Whaaaat
Dad: She has breast cancer, needs an operation as soon as possible and we will know more after. Ok, I have to go.

Me: *crying*
Me: TW, mum has cancer.
Me: do you think my parents would be so cruel as to think this was an appropriate April fools joke? It is after midday, do they know it isn’t a joke after midday.
TW: I don’t think your parents would make a joke like that.

Me: I don’t want the ring, cancel the ring, I don’t want to do this. What if mum dies before anything. I can’t have a wedding without mum there. I don’t understand what is happening, I don’t know what happens. Dad said operation as soon as possible and then they will know more.

Me to my sister: have you spoken to mum and dad?
Sister: Yes.
Me: Mum hung up on me.
Sister: Similar story here.
Me: So you know? We both know?
Sister: Yes.

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