Moving to Singapore
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Australia Gumtree – Singapore Carousell

Lola half hair cut

Ok so there are a number of things that are obviously different between Australia and Singapore but today we learned some about some of the hidden differences. Singapore does have Gumtree but Carousell is where it is at.

Lola half hair cut
Halfway through her haircut (see the line on her back – she is hiding her shaved side).

Our unit in Singapore is now classier than anywhere we lived before – have to make it nice for Cat. But that isn’t what this post is about.

We did an online transfer to a stranger. They had the money instantly. At home, it takes a lot longer to do a first time transfer. They moved a bit faster if it is a known account but it still isn’t really an instant transfer.

Lola after her hair cut
After her hair cut

Buying furniture is easier on Carousell then gumtree. Most people don’t own a car and utes aren’t that common. So ute hire isn’t a thing. We relied on Balmain rentals and their cheap ute hire for gumtree buys when we were updating our furniture in Sydney. Here we have to book and pay for a delivery service.

New couch Singapore

Gogovan and Lalamove are the common ones. They have apps which are supposed to make it nice and easy to book. I used someone from an ad on Carousell for a set fee quote. It was easy. So so easy.

We transferred the money for the lounge and the delivery men arrived at her place within the hour. They were here about half an hour later – I was sure it was at least a 40-minute drive. That was it. We bought, paid for and received the couch within 2 hours. And the seller had the money within minutes.

lola being harry potter
Lola living under the stairs – Harry Potter style.

We now have a classy, cat ready lounge room.

Click here to catch up or follow along on Cats journey from country NSW (Australia) to Singapore and our preparations for her arrival.

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