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Axe throwing Singapore

Last night we went with a small group of friends (a couple and a single because groups are limited to 5) to axe throwing.

At first it was super scary because of the loud bang and things bouncing back. The axes couldn’t really bounce back further than the wood chips but if they hit the wood chips with force those did fly back a lot further.

Triston managed to get some to hit his foot, closed toed shoes though so he was fine.

Both of the boys managed to axe their axe. I don’t know how they did it but they got one on the board and then their next throw was one of the little axes and it stuck into the wooden handle not the board.

We didn’t take score but if we had, I don’t know how those would have scored. Is it more points, no points, less?

We all landed some decent shots, everyone got a bullseye at some point.

It was fun for a unique activity to do as a group. None of us had done something like it before. I am not sure I would go out of my way to go again but I probably would go if someone invited me.

Triston was throwing beside me so he didn’t get any action shots of this round, but it was really my shot, it just looks fake haha. It was my second bullseye round I think.

Nice start to the weekend.

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