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Baker and Cook Bugis

The Intercontinental Hotel in Bugis has a bakery called Baker and Cook. When we filmed our episode of House Hunters we had breakfast at the Baker and Cook one morning. They took so long to be bothered to start on our order it was frustrating.

As the only people in the store we expected it to be fast. They waited 7 minutes and yes, I was timing it. Then just as they were about to start to make/prepare/create our order one by one 3 sets of other customers came it.

Our quick stop for a coffee and snack before filming took 40 minutes. By the time we got out food, we had no time to eat it. That was so annoying.

Anyway, today, sulking slightly because I had my specialist appointment I decided I wanted a pie and I remembered they sold them.

I asked for it to be take away as I didn’t have 40 minutes to wait. Service appeared faster but it is hard to say that it was for sure. I didn’t order a coffee and the pie didn’t get reheated. I had said I would reheat it myself.

The pie did look decent, until I took the lid off. The filling. OMG. So sparse.

It was really difficult to capture how little filling there was in the pie. If I had eaten it with the lid on I doubt I would have recognised it as a pie.

The pastry on the top was nice and the base was also very nice but not pie pastry. Super buttery and flakey. I found it odd to have a flakey, crumbly base.

Given the pie cost $7.60 I wouldn’t order one again. I am not sure if I got a mistake batch or they just use the wrong kind of pastry for their base. It wasn’t nearly full enough with the “meat” part of the meat pie.

The supermarket does sell frozen meat pies but I think I will just get my pies when I go home. They aren’t very healthy and I only like the good ones.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

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