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First trip to Thailand, Bangkok day 3

PH bangkok french toast

Our third day in Bangkok. This would really not be counted as a holiday.

PH bangkok eggs benedict
Breakfast. A few moments of peace together – the calm before the storm.

It isn’t supposed to be a holiday. I know that but I thought just the day times would be busy. Yesterday was full on busy until late into the night and today was no different. The good thing is that we are both busy otherwise it could be boring for me. I could explore on my own, I had intended to.

Things come up and one thought leads to another which before you know it you have spent two hours on one thing. Just for it all to go wrong and you have to start again.

Planning and problem solving, I like. Waiting, I don’t like. TW is doing a lot of problem solving, I think. I don’t really understand what he does. I am trying to fit a pretty awesome honeymoon into a very large amount of money. Which would be a healthy budget for any honeymoon except for the cost of Monaco Grand Prix tickets.

TW thinks the process is interesting, he wants to read all about it because drawing on the table last night was a bit too confusing. Don’t worry, it was paper and the host drew on it first. I just followed his lead. Basically, if there are moving parts. Things you want to do and see, I do a spreadsheet and work out which order is cheapest. Then we have to check that it makes sense and has an enjoyable flow to it.

Today was filled with much of the same. A lot of yesterdays waiting paid off. I wasn’t sitting here waiting, I was moving forward but something I sent out came back. With cheaper prices, availability confirmed resulting in a below budget result.

A boss once told me if someone said their budget was 10,000 it really means 12-15,000. If I told you my budget was 10,000, I really do not want to spend more. I would think 8,000 is still a bit high. While at about 6,000, I would be impressed. Regardless of what it is. Though I have never allocated a 10,000 budget to anything. Other than a house deposit I guess, and that one time we decided just to put 5k down. That is my take on budgets.

I once worked hard for my money. I’m not about to part with it if I don’t have to and I think most people are like that. Regardless of how much you have in the bank. If you can spend less than you have available and still have everything you want, why wouldn’t you spend less?

TW was in a meeting all day, not even lunch together. I was busy planning, thinking, confirming prices, filling out spreadsheets. Having small victories.

Business travel might seem glamorous but a lot of the time it is just exhausting. I am not sure TW’s work and the frequencies of work travel will make for a glamorous life but living in Singapore and being so close to everything certainly will.

One day I will see some of Bangkok. Hopefully with TW. It doesn’t look like it will be this trip though.

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