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First trip to Thailand, Bangkok day 2

Park Hyatt Bangkok Birthday Card
Park Hyatt Bangkok breakfast
Juice and smoothie station

Today is an extremely busy day for both TW and I. We each have our own set of tasks to complete. Nothing tourist related.

Park Hyatt Bangkok breakfast
Fruit stand
Park Hyatt Bangkok breakfast
Cereals and pastries

First hotel breakfast at the Park Hyatt Bangkok. It is very fancy. We are clearly underdressed and out of place. Hmm, oh well.

Park Hyatt Bangkok breakfast
Cold cuts and yoghurts
Park Hyatt Bangkok breakfast
Hot foods

It is TW’s birthday and I left his gifts in Singapore so he has to wait. He has both phones with him for all the calls that are going to come through. He knows that they are going to come through on the phone that he doesn’t use so he is taking it too.

TW works, until about 7pm and I finish sometime after 11pm but we had lunch and dinner together. Generally not a very interesting day and no highlights of the hotel or Bangkok as we are kept in a cocoon of focussed thought.

Lunch burger

For lunch, we found a place that had a menu item that looks similar to my favorite dish at my favorite Thai place in Sydney (which just closed down). Crispy fried pork. In Sydney it had some sweet sticky sauce and a vinegary one but here is has other accompaniments. We laugh at how the first place I go to when I leave the hotel has the same dish that I love at home. Bangkok isn’t all the bad things TW was telling me. Seems pretty good so far, to be honest.

Lunch – Fried Crispy Pork

Somehow, for dinner, we find a steak place with unlimited fries. He was pretty happy with that. They just keep bringing over hot fries whenever your plate is low. There is a nice amount of sauce. The metal trays are kept hot by the candles underneath. So you can enjoy the meal as slowly as you like.

Steak + unlimited fries. The thing you didn’t know you needed and now you can’t live without.

My internet was jammy all day so some people got the same email or message twice, one person got it five times but the person who needed a hotel urgently didn’t get my email at all. A little frustrating and it slows things down on a busy day. TW’s appears to work fine so it could be that my laptop is aging and slowing down and dropping the connection. Either way, I don’t really have time for those issues.

TW didn’t get any phone calls for his birthday, which he complained about. I asked him if the phone has been connected to receive calls. He checked and the one he doesn’t use hadn’t connected to the internet. On checking his phone, it hadn’t connected to the internet. Once it connects, missed call alerts come through. This perks him up a bit. It isn’t just one missed call, it is a few. The same person each time but they really wanted to reach him.

I tell him, he has been getting messages all day and he should really read through what people say online. No one knows how to contact him properly. If people are writing messages or comments he should read and reply but he just rolls his eyes and says he doesn’t read online stuff. He can’t just ignore everyone and what they say and then whinge. People tried to contact him. He has had a long hard day. I guess he needed something to focus his whinging on and I don’t understand his work so there is no point complaining about that to me.

Park Hyatt Bangkok Birthday Card
Happy Birthday from the Hotel (not me – oops)

The hotel delivered a cake and a hand made birthday card for him. That was sweet. Literally, a sweet chocolate mousse cake.

Park Hyatt Bangkok Birthday Cake
Mousse cake

And tomorrow will be similar. At least it isn’t anyone’s birthday. Oh except my mum, she isn’t here though, so probably no whinging about things.

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MT is an avid traveller, travel agent and lover of (almost) all food. TW is a reluctant traveller, digital marketing guy and fussy eater.


  1. John Williams says

    Hope that u had a lovely day please check your calls The Family have left messages and please read your online messages we all love you very much and miss you Love Mum and Dad xx

    • He said he just likes to whinge about it and I should know it isn’t a real whinge. He will have more time on the weekend, he’s just been too busy. I think we have to float his birthday to another day.

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