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Bathing Lola

Lola in Singapore lounging

We ended up buying medicated shampoo for Lola. We also had to get a tub to wash her in, we don’t have a bath here.

She hated it and tolerated it. The last time we gave her a bath was when she had poop stuck to herself because her butt hair was too long. That was years ago and I think she got a total of two baths.

We barely survived that bath battle so we weren’t super excited about the prospect of giving her another bath. It is a two-person job, helps if you both know how to bath a cat.

She survived, we survived, she is so soft and fluffy now. Yay for bathing her twice a week until her ringworm clears up. No real yay for the bathing or the ringworm but yay for when it is gone.

Valentines day Lola
Remembering the better days.

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The day was 28 June 2019
Updated 1st November 2019

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