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Beginners Korean complete

I haven’t learnt everything I have been taught but I do pass the tests and I know a lot more now than I did in May.

I haven’t actually finished all the worksheets and homework from last term (final term of beginners) but I will get there… this is my last completed essay. It isn’t long. Not exactly and some things were corrected, even though I wrote this with the help of a tutor. My teacher still corrected her haha… oh well.

The story of how I broke my ankle….

방학동안에 저는 친구를 만났어요. 친구하고 점심을 먹은 후에 친구는 계속 놀고 싶어했지만 저는 집에 와서 한국어를 공부하고 싶었어요. 오월 부터 그 날까지 이 친구를 못 만났어요. 우리는 보동 일주일에 한 번 만났는데 제가 다시 학기를 시작하면 시간이 없어서 우리는 카페에 같이 갔어요. 우리는 카페에 가서 커피하고 핫초고를 마셨고 쇼핑도 했어요. 친구는 택시를 탔고 저는 지하철을 타러 갔어요.
플랫폼을 내려 오다가 두 계단을 놓쳐서 넘어졌어요. 그런데 넘어진 게 아니라 자빠졌어요. 제 왼쪽 발목이 가까운 계단 걸려서 굴렀어요. 그 다음 오른쪽 발목이 다음 발에 걸려서 으스졌다고 생각 했어요. 제 오른쪽 엉덩이와 어깨가 닿아있었어요. 제 오른쪽 발목은 박리골을 입있고 구월 십칠일에 수술이 필요한지 알라 볼 거예요. 여전히 아프지만 지금은 조금 덜 아파요.
This was written before the 17th of September – I didn’t need the surgery.. Yay… and I just left the essay as way so 17th September is future tense as it was in the future at that time, it is in the past now but that is my little essay. Man. It looks so small typed out. Written it isn’t very long either. I had to use it for the end of term test but I only used the second half because that is all that was relevant to the question and I was right on the minimum characters. Eck. Bare minimum.

I should get the test back sometime next week I think, oh maybe the one after because we are doing from home learning at the moment. So I will find out how I did in beginners overall towards the end of my first Intermediate semester. Haha. Well. I know I need to work on a lot of areas but I am learning a lot every class even if it is a struggle…

This time, in our break, I had vertigo. I was super sad because I still kind of have it now and it made studying in that break (11/12 days) basically impossible. And I really wanted to use the time well…. once again..

Maybe it is a sign to stop, something happens every term haha. But. Nah. It is fun. So. I will continue…. there is only like 27 more levels to go through… so… like.. 27 more things to go wrong with my health. Not to many really. Haha.

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