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Belfast, Foo Fighters tonight

We checked out at midday, the standard time and drove into Belfast to see where the concert/festival was. We actually found a park nearby, it is walkable and near a train station but not so close to be affected by road closures after the event.

The sun is out and the old buildings are lovely.

It is also rainy and the buildings are still lovely.

We have a few hours until the concert officially starts. People were waiting at the gates at midday for a 4pm gate opening and 4:45pm first act.

My luxury hot chocolate at Harlem while we waited for one spot of rain to pass

We planned to spend time in the city and get the train back later so we can hide inside during the rolling showers. I don’t imagine arriving much before 5pm but the chance of rain significantly drops just before the Foo Fighters are set to start so we may just miss the openers. Really depends.

The rain isn’t heavy but there is a wind which is almost butter cold so being damp won’t be fun.

Yay for the final night of the holiday. Big night, Foo Fighters then drive to Dublin for our final hotel stay.

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