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Investing + covid19

Day two of phase one after the circuit breaker in Singapore.


We both went out today but not together. I got food at lunch for lunch. I didn’t get everything we needed so we didn’t have the right ingredients to make dinner. Lunch was awesome though. Triston went out at dinner for groceries but he bought those and dinner.

Bad news today is we have bills due on investment properties. We have to pay the lease fee on leasehold land. We have strata fees due. All of the annual rates are due. Insurance is due and we need to change the policy but we can’t as there is an embargo on new policies or changes.

Good news. We received some rent for our apartment leased to the hotel. In March we were told they had to swap from the lease terms to an agreement with us. We could elect to take over the apartment or go 50/50 with them on any money they make from ours.

We had no one stay in April. May, we managed 16 nights in our apartment. We were sure it would be empty the whole month so it was a nice surprice.

Travel restrictions are starting to ease off slightly so now the hotel can operate as a hotel again. Hopefully there is some solid bookings. If there is solid bookings we will revert to the lease agreement. They indicated while the travel ban was in place this 50/50 would be in place. I am not sure if they mean the international travel ban or just any ban.

Hopefully there is enough interest and future bookings with the domestic market, the few states allowed to travel freely, that they can switch back. It is nice not having to think if rent is coming in or how much we will get. Similarly, it was nice to have money when we weren’t expecting any.

I took to the stock market to make the lost rent back. I did. Luck I suppose. I could have made a lot more if I held the stocks for longer but I don’t know anything about stock trading so best to take the win where I can and be happy with small gains to ensure I don’t make a small/large loss.

We are lucky to have not had shares in the market at the time of the crash so while the market is rallying back up we have a chance to make money.

Investing during the pandemic is kind of a whole new world of risks, wins and losses.

The circuit breaker is over!

Yay! Day one of phase one.

I thought with the moving in of the 5 demountable container offices/rooms that the construction site would be buzzing with activity this morning. It isn’t.

Possibly, they are in the process of submitting the safe work data to the multi-ministry task force to request to reopen and restart works.

It isn’t just a given here, construction has to apply to be allowed to open. They have to put forward a plan as to how they will keep the workers safe. I thought last night people would be moving in this morning and everything starting up again today.

Things really just can’t happen that quickly. Maybe all the staff need to be tested before they can move in? Maybe they don’t have the permission to do anything yet and need to provide further safe guards.

There was some good news last night. Zero new cases in the community. No preschool teachers, nursing staff or nursing home residents tested positive either. Just workers in the dorms.

I don’t know if they did test all of the workers or are still testing or how that is working but with something like 300,000 workers in the dorms I would have thought 80% or maybe more would have been infected because it is very close quarters. It looks like only 10% were infected based on the numbers so far.

Another person died though. It sounded like they were very unwell regardless of covid19 but it is listed as a covid19 death so that must have been the major cause of their death. So sad.

We didn’t wake up early enough to go for a walk. I have been waking up between 3 and 5 am for weeks/months. Today, when we could go out for a walk together, I woke up after 7am. I am busy from 7am through to about 6pm each day so that put a quick end to the idea.

Maybe tonight but I feel fewer people are out in the morning, considering shops usually don’t open until 10am because people just aren’t up and about before that.

How will things change as we slowly adjust to this new world order? For those where things have already opened up – how have things changed for you?

We will have to wear masks outside all the time but that is reasonably common in Asia so we were almost the odd ones out before Covid19 anyway. I don’t really like it but I would rather that than get sick.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 28

Day 28. Twenty EIGHT!


To celebrate.

Afternoon snack of doughnuts.

Indian for dinner.

Delivered from the Tekka Centre in Little India. Just because we are in lockdown, doesn’t mean I don’t love a bargain.

Yeah, it was all pretty tasty. And for a few dollars a dish, you really can’t go wrong. Half is left over for tomorrow.

Bad thing about left overs is tomorrow we can go to the shops together to get groceries and now we don’t need to.

We will go for a morning walk though, I think.

Meanwhile. Shortly after dinner, the building site behind us had some activity.

It looks like they have the approval to open up but they may have to house their staff onsite.

I guess they could be site offices but I thought they were already set up. We will find out in a few days I guess. Either people will be living there, or not.

Fairly decent sunset tonight as well.

Yay. 28th Day. Whoop whoop.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 27

I know a lot of countries started to exit their lockdowns before us. Most having gone into lockdown before Singapore but that doesn’t reduce my excitement about one day being able to go outside together and not worry, or dine in at a restaurant again. Mostly because I have been craving one place and it is a little far away, and burgers, so wouldn’t make for a good delivery meal option.

Different countries have different cases, situations, plans. I am not excited globally because I think some countries are exiting without really having hit the milestones to exit. They didn’t ramp up equipment or free up space in hospitals. Their cases haven’t really decreased. They have death ratios over 10% but still some countries forge ahead.

Singapore, I have heard Australian and UK/USA news reports having said Singapore lost the battle. It was a leader and then failed. It delayed the curve (which is what all countries were aiming for) but didn’t success in suppressing it. It was lauded as a poster child, on both sides of the argument.

I believe Singapore has done a great job. No where is perfect. Maybe a lock down and travel ban sooner would have been better but to date 31 or 32 people who have had covid19 died, apparently only 23 of those died from covid, the others died of something else but happened to have covid. Like the man who fell down the stairs, he died from the fall but he was a positive covid case.

Yeah, so, we got hit with a big wave of cases, we have tens of thousands infected. South Korea remains on the list of countries that “did it well” and they have something like 270 deaths and half or a third of the number of cases diagnosed.

Why then is the media still insisting on telling the tale that South Korea succeeded where Singapore failed.

Lockdown is ending, I am happy for it, though I have been happy enough with it. The world is trying to get back to some sense of normal. We still don’t actually know what we are facing. What the mortality rate is. How quickly it can spread on a bus, train, flight, in an eatery. So much is still unknown.

One thing I know is, we have done our best to be the most responsible members of society we can be. I am happy to be allowed to go for a walk with Triston on Tuesday. I will probably wake him up at 5am so we can avoid others. Just because we can go out doesn’t mean we all of a sudden stop caring about others. We will try and social distance while enjoying some things we have missed.

In Singapore, we will have to wear a mask when outside. We will probably wear them for months and months yet. I expect the official order will be that we have to do so. I feel we will likely do it until well after there is a vaccine and that it has been widely taken up. So that the risk is minimal.

Monday, tomorrow, is our last day of the circuit breaker. I am excited but we will avoid doing what everyone else is doing, when they are doing it.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 26

Today we had Maccas for dinner. That’s McDonald’s/Mickey D’s for the non Aussies out there. I don’t know how American’s ended up with such a long nickname for it but the fact they fall over when they hear Aussies call it Maccas and they can’t work out where it is without being told blows my mind.

They had a coconut pie. I was excited. It did not disappoint.

Something I forget that Maccas even offers is the Filet-o-Fish. Even though one of my friends loves them.

Something that I am sure can be ordered anywhere the fish burger is offered but I have never seen on the menu before is the double Filet-o-fish.

Seems a bit extreme to me but it appears they are popular enough to be on menu boards all over Singapore.

Apple pie, custard pie, coconut pie. Singapore maccas has everything. Though custard and coconut are special promotions.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 24

Ooooh, interesting. We got a new/updated announcement on how the phase one (end to the circuit breaker) is going to go down, and it is actually a lot more relaxed than previously indicated.

Triston and I can go outside together again. Woohoo. Walks here we come.

It could also end in June, if infections stay low. I think a line was missing from the update but I think the plan is still a minimum of four weeks. That does mean we could still be in June, I suspect it might be 5 weeks minimum though.

I like the line: As we have seen both locally and overseas, it takes only a single person acting irresponsibly to cause a cluster. 

We do have to wear masks outside of the house. That is fine with me, we get to go for walks again, have to be happy with that.

I am not prepared for this! So soon!

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 23

Oh, I forgot.

On Sunday, we had a random delivery at about 9pm.

We had already eaten and hadn’t ordered anything except for some medicine for Lola which isn’t expected any time soon and not on a Sunday at 9pm for sure.

Our phone rang, which is essentially our buzzer and we just ignored it. I was already ready for bed so I wasn’t going to get up and Triston claims he doesn’t know how it works so he wouldn’t go and buzz the person in or talk.

Then, Triston’s phone rang. It was a delivery, for us. Not a random call to get into the building. Not a mistaken identity. Us.

It happened to be Hari Raya so we thought maybe someone was sending us something for that.

I think the timing was half coincidental but it was home made cake from one of the people Triston kind of mentored at work. Banana cake and sugar cookies. Both very nice.

Delivered by a delivery driver, it seemed so much effort for someone to go to but I had the banana cake for breakfast yesterday morning and Triston and I both had a cookie. Triston isn’t a big banana cake/bread fan. He claims not to like banana but he has it in his shakes so he does like it.

Anyway, that was a nice surprise. We have 2 cookies left. Rationing them.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 22

Wow, less than a week of the CB extension left now.

Still, not much changes. If we had grandparents in Singapore we could visit them but we don’t so not much changes.

Lola wasn’t into working today. She seemed to be protesting Triston working.

She sulked all day until I put her up in the cupboard. She was so happy to have found a new spot, she stayed up there in that spot all afternoon. I think for 6 hours actually.

I wonder how she will go tomorrow. She is possibly getting sick of us being home. Maybe she wants some alone time.

Singapore ‘circuit breaker’ extension – day 21

We are one week away from the end of the circuit breaker. Wow, wow, wow! Then we enter phase one and will be in that for at least 4 weeks, without a whole lot that affects us changing. No limit on how long that will last though. Ummm…. hmmm.

Still excited for it.

It has been an unusually long time, for us, without a trip to anywhere. We did sneak the hotel stay in before the circuit breaker came in. Was very much a social distance stay. Still, we would usually have cause for a hotel stay far more regularly than is allowed under a lock down.

With that in mind and the long weekend, we decided to have a spa day at home. The best hotel toiletries we could find, buff the feet and moisturise. People might do that as part of their daily routine. We don’t. So it was a big deal for us, haha.

Also, the lotion I picked was from the amazing Coworth Park and it was great to close my eyes and be transported back. We had only one night, not nearly long enough, but the property was so grand oh and the breakfast. Oh man. We loved it so much that Prince Harry had his “bucks” weekend at Coworth after we stayed. I am sure it was purely based on my recommendation haha.

Love Tahaa by glasshouse, this is a mini candle I got from a friend for Christmas, a nice and light one to fit in my hand luggage. Super handy. These smell strong enough that you can just pop the lid, you don’t need to burn them.

Mitchell and Peach is the brand of toiletries in the room we had at Coworth Park and I very much enjoyed the sell. My skin was pretty dry but this is one of those super quality products that don’t leave you feeling greasy. I like that about it.