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Triston’s skin check complete

He had a couple things burnt off but doesn’t need any biopsies at the moment. One of the things that was removed, if it comes back they will biopsy it then but it isn’t a concern unless it comes back.


Today was another good day.


Taemin from Shinee is releasing his solo album and having a fan meeting tonight, online, if anyone else wants to join me it is here. These things do get subtitled and I often find those hilarious because some of the time the translation is clearly not what was said (not that the meaning was changed but if the person is rambling or repeating themselves the translation might say “rambling”, “and stuff” or “etc etc” which I find hilarious).


Yeah, we have restrictions on but Triston has this week off. I asked if he wanted to change it but he needed a break so he left it.

Because he has the week off he has hurt his back while walking or something dumb … probably stretching in his morning yoga. Lots of mild complaining. Awesome. I don’t have the week off. I am busy but now I have a whiny husband to deal with who doesn’t have work to keep him out of my hair.


Yay yay yay.

Well, I got some study done. I have to do something with classes pushed back. I keep getting the answers right, so that is a plus. But I haven’t learned all the words from last Tuesday yet and ordinarily the test would have happened days ago. I do feel a but bad about that but they aren’t exactly words I use every day in English so it is harder to focus on them.

Any who. All prepared for Friday. Got the call today to see if I wanted to postpone. As long as extra restrictions don’t come in it will still go ahead.

Singapore Phase 2 + heightened restrictions

So, phase 2 plus extra restrictions has kicked in today. I didn’t notice much difference on our walk this morning. It seems most people are confused by the rules.

We walked inside and had to pass one of the MRT stations and it was so busy and full with people. In the circuit breaker last year we rarely saw other people. In Phase 2 people were everywhere like it was Christmas. This is definitely more like just going back to Phase 2 than back to a Circuit Breaker so far…. and… that might mean we have to go back to the full on CB if the people movement stays high, rules confuse people and cases don’t come down.

I hear the review is after 2 weeks. We will see what happens. I hope we don’t get more restrictions because right now not much has changed for us except we cannot dine in.

Freedom, taken by rain

Today is the last day of dine in for a while but we are having a nice heavy downpour right now so we can’t really go anywhere. Not that is matters actually. It is 9:30am and nothing in Singapore opens until 11am anyway. By 11am I would expect the rain to have passed.

It just feels like the day is mostly over because I get up so early and have done so much already.

Tomorrow our non-lockdown lockdown starts. For maybe a month. In 2 weeks they will reassess the length, I heard. I didn’t get that information from an official source and I am not too worried about the length to be honest.

My operation will still go ahead. I am not sure if I can still go to class in person. I should find out later today. A lot more things are allowed in this lockdown compared with our original lockdown but a lot less things are allowed than when we had our phase 2 stage. So. …

I guess I have plenty of time to study and zero lunch/high tea/socialisation distractions. My course will end before lockdown ends though.

Anyway, today started off fun. My new album arrived yesterday and I showed Triston which photo cards I got. Last time he said he would put one in his wallet so this time he was like “ugh, I really don’t care,” but as I got closer he was like, ‘oh, ok I see,’ then when I was walking away to put it back in the album he reached for it. I got the joke so I didn’t give it to him but he still went over to his wallet. Yeah, yeah, I got the joke, it will be the photo in your wallet. It was a very pretty photo.

Such a big box for so little contents

카이 you have competition from 박찬열 but it was 키 that I already had here that he said he would put in his waller and not 카이, I don’t have one for 카이…. maybe when DMWMT comes… I might get another in that… so… There you go. He is slowly expanding. Haha. Actually, he doesn’t care. Either way. Some of the songs he thinks are ok. I think he is a proper fan of BTS though, I am sure he knows some of their songs. I just haven’t gotten to them yet.

Counting down to 25th May

Not a typo. Haha.

In April I went to an online concert.

It all started because Supernatural J&J had a fan meeting and I was awake at 3am so I went along. It was free but you could pay if you were able to so I paid. It was a lot of fun. So, then I signed up for an online Kpop fan meet thing… which was like a mini-concert and variety show in one (Xiuweet time for those playing at home).

That was a lot of fun even though it was mostly in Korean, they had subtitles… those were just a little late – because it was a live show they can’t really know in advance what someone will say. It was still a lot of fun for me as a non-Korean speaker.

Actually, it was so much more than I expected given the only fan meet I had ever been to was the supernatural one and that was two guys talking to each other on skype, mostly forgetting we were watching and every now and then they would take a question. So, it was kind of extraordinary the effort that went into this fan meet.

I kept seeing promotions for this online concert, I kept thinking about it.. Then, on the day of the concert (4th April), I decided I would go to it and bought the ticket. I told Triston I was thinking about going so we were at home just in case but I hadn’t committed because I had never heard the group before.

I could have googled and listened to their music to decide but I wasn’t going because of their music. I knew of them from an article and I wanted to go because of that. Also, 3 of the 4 current members had served their mandatory military service. This was their first concert since returning from service, prior to their military service, one of their members had died which really made me feel sad for them. So, I figured I may as well go and show support even if I don’t like their music. I may as well hear them for the first time live, why spoil the surprise.

Triston asked me about half way through if I liked their music and I said I wasn’t exactly sure but their were very entertaining and great performers so I was enjoying the concert. That’s all that really matters right?

The ticket I bought offered me 2 replays which, for reasons I don’t understand, got extended to 4. So, yep, I watched them all. We were generally out when they started and I would catch it from the same spot onwards but the more replays I watched…. I definitely became a fan.

Anywho, since then they have been pretty active with online promotions, t-shows and instagram live/vlive. They are hilarious. There was a solo concert for one of the members. Yep. I went (The replays are happening soon. Yay!).

Another member is in the cutest ever musical. It is super famous I hear but I knew nothing about it. It was sooo cute. I might get a ticket for another show. It is online but in Singapore (and I guess a few other countries) they have cinemas playing the live stream so you can feel like you went to the theatre. I just watched at home. If you want to watch you can here: ‘Midnight Sun‘ – it is subtitled – and Onew/온유 as the leading man is the version I watched. They have a few different leads but Onew is in the group I am referring to.

Why the count down to the 25th? They have their 13th anniversary (since launching officially as a group) and an online fan meet. These are subtitled and pretty fun to watch. They do take questions live from people in the live audience but also they took some in advance and a few other things as well to help prepare for the show.

Their final member has to do his military service. End of this month his enlistment starts. I think he has to serve for 18 months. Hopefully, by then covid is over and they can tour properly as a group when he is back out.

Singapore also has mandatory military service but it is longer than that in South Korea. Most people do it in their early 20’s (only mandatory for men in both Singapore and South Korea) but with Kpop stars because they are teenagers when they get launched they usually wait until the last moment so as to have a successful career for as long as possible. It seems to be pretty cut throat because every Korean person I have spoken to says that the Kpop careers end when they do their military service. I hope not. Not with these guys. I think they are good enough to keep going but it really comes down to the Korean people because that is the bulk of their market (as far as I understand it anyway).

Looking forward to the 25th. I will just ignore the 21st because surgery is boring to think about. Kpop fan meets are fun.

For those who don’t know yet the band is called SHINee and you can listen here. Do I understand the words – mostly no. Intent of the songs – mostly yes. Are they entertaining and fun to listen to anyway, yup.

Lesson 2

So, after my biopsy and results on Tuesday, I did still go to my lesson. I thought I was going to be distracted. I was a little but I really enjoyed the class.

My homework is… a lot more words actually but also the next class isn’t until Monday next week due to a public holiday today (Class is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday). I get extra time to learn these things. Yay. I might skip ahead and learn the next set also. I need to make sure I learn all of these things so I don’t fall behind. It is the intensive class after all so I need to focus a lot.

Yes, I type out my lessons so that I can learn to touch type. Haha. I don’t have the Korean alphabet letters marked on my keyboard so I have to memorise them which means it will always be touch typing. I am getting decent at it now. I touch type in English anyway and rarely look at the keyboard. I want to practice typing as much as possible to slowly learn where the letters are in Korean as well.

Here we go.
Current homework:
Skirt: 치마
Piano: 피아노
Elephant: 코끼리
Ticket: 표
Rabbit: 토끼
Kiss: 뽀뽀
Ski/Skiing: 스키
Sofa: 소파
Tea: 차
(credit) Card: 카드
Train: 기차
Magpie: 까치
Coat: 코트
Tomato: 토마토
Busy: 바빠요
Hurt/ill/painful: 아파요
Expensive: 비싸요
An extra word was cheap – 싸요

Old homework (because revision… it is memorisation basically):
Hat: 모자
Bus: 버스
Earth: 지구
Hippo: 하마
Yoga: 요가
Lion: 사자
Iron: 다리미
Mother: 어머니
Banana: 바나나
Bridge: 다리
Tissue: 휴지
Furniture: 가구

Plus lesson one example words:
Who: 누구
Juice: 주스
Father: 아버지
Female: 여자

Ok. So. Now I need to learn more so that Mondays lesson is easier because the time between the lessons will be changed from the original plan and it might make Tuesdays lesson really hard … not sure. Maybe it will be ok. Mostly I have learned all this stuff anyway but not be heart. I have just watched lessons online half distracted but even half distracted is ok. I still learned some of the things.

Mole Biopsy

Stitches are out. Yay. Results are back. Boo.

Melanoma, stage 2 cancer. A larger portion of surrounding tissue needs to be removed because it is a malignant cancer and was growing (mostly sideways and upwards so that is good). The Dr felt my lymph nodes and noted nothing unusual but based on family history and that my cousin died before she was 40, I might ask if there is a way to biopsy some lymph nodes as well. I am not sure that is a thing but I can ask.

Tissue removal set for 21st. Mole was removed at the time of the biopsy but they need to really cut a lot more of my arm out. The margin was ok for … I dunno…. maybe for the basal cell or non malignant cancer. I don’t think they just go and remove centimetres of tissue when taking out a mole just for fun. It will be fine.

I will be fine. It is all probably fine. I just need more surrounding tissue removed because it was an active proper malignant cancer but it is only stage 2 so I don’t need chemo or anything else.

11:15am appointment, 11:18am results. Midday lunch with a friend because I had class at 3:30pm and if I went home I probably wouldn’t leave again. Triston was super busy at work so it isn’t like he could take time off to comfort me. I am lucky to know people here. I was happy and distracted. It will be ok.

Not super looking forward to the new surgery. It will take about 40 minutes… 40 minutes of scraping the skin and tissue away while I am awake, trying not to move. Not ideal for me. But. I just have to listen to some music, condition myself with that music to find it calming and then listen to that on the day.

Lucky I had the check. I booked Triston in for a check next week. Hopefully he is fine.

Lesson 1 homework

Ok, so… I need to study. Homework is learning the spelling of 12 words. Seems like some memorisation and some spelling because these are not words that I know in Korean anyway but some are English words with Korean letters. Those are always good.

Ok Todays words are:

The names of the letters (letter = name – English-ish sound)
ㄱ = 기역 – G/K
ㄴ = 니은 – N
ㄷ = 디귿 – D/T
ㄹ = 리을 – R/L
ㅁ = 미음 – M
ㅂ = 비읍 – B/P
ㅅ = 시옷 – S
ㅇ = 이응 – No sound/NG
ㅈ = 지읒 – CH/J
ㅎ = 히읗 – H
ㅏ = 아 – ah
ㅓ = 어 – or/the aw sound in awkward
ㅗ = 오 – oh
ㅜ = 우 – oo (as in food/mood)
ㅡ = 으 – engh
ㅣ = 이 – ee (as in sheep)
ㅑ = 야 – Yah
ㅕ = 여 – your
ㅛ = 요 – yo (as in yo yo)
ㅠ = 유 – you
Those are not the official romanisations for the vowels but it is how they sound for me with my Australian accent.

Actually, I don’t know that I need to remember those for the test tomorrow. I may as well practice them though. I have learned the alphabet already so hopefully it means I don’t struggle. Getting the sounds right when saying them out loud is more difficult than the reading/writing/recognising them though so I am happy for the practice.

And here we go for the words we covered:
누구 = who
주스 = juice (basically how we say it if you see the sounds above)
아버지 = father
여자 = female
These were examples of how to write the syllables correctly but I will still make the effort to learn them.

The actual 12 words we were told to learn:
모자 = hat/cap
버스 = bus (again basically how we say it)
지구 = earth
하마 = hippo
요가 = yoga (very much the same as how we say it)
사자 = lion
다리미 = iron
어머니 = mother
바나나 = banana
다리 = bridge
휴지 = tissue
가구 = furniture

And that was the lesson. Now. To learn the words and spelling before the test. It isn’t that many words… but… most of them I don’t know. Banana is easy though, so is yoga. I should be ok with those lol.

Lola is cute

She was sitting super cute making sure to touch the foot rest. So… I took a photo. Lola was not a huge fan and decided to hold my hand. That is her way of telling me to stop with the photos.

It was about 10 minutes before she went back to her cute pose.

Kai warning sign

You might remember I posted about Triston being a fan of Kai…. I remembered that prior to that I had youtube music playing and some are film clips, some are not. It just auto-plays but learned to stick with Exo or SHINee because I generally put an album on and then it plays whatever it feels like. The albums I pick are EXO or SHINee. I used to get really random things but I would hit back to exit and then start it on an album again.

Back in Feb and March when I started listening to Kpop, I had no idea who was who and didn’t really try to work it out because there seemed to be a million members. The songs would be from all different years and the hair was different, the eye colour was different, not all members were in the film clips. So, I didn’t really pay attention that much and didn’t really know .. stuff.

The other day, one of the songs I have listened to a lot played (I didn’t play/watch much in April, I was busy with other things). I have bubble and I have watched more variety shows so this time I recognised who was who.

I said, to myself, oh that is Kai. Oh, Kai is almost always front and centre then. Hmm.. (this is the only time I remember saying Kai’s name but there may have been one other, if you recall me saying I haven’t mentioned it more than twice) and out of no where Triston says – probably because he is the main dancer.

I turned and looked at him, feeling a little stupid because that is his role in the group, and said ‘mmm yeah, true’. So… Triston has been paying attention for a lot longer than I realised haha.

The internet says these kids haven’t aged or aged backwards… mmm.. Nah. They grew up for sure. They look like kids in their early works and the look older in later ones. But if you grew up with them their age relative to your own didn’t change and they probably look good for their age compared to other people you know because they spend a lot of time maintaining their health where most people don’t.

I did post somewhere that I would slowly turn everyone into a Kpop fan. I just didn’t realise I was starting with Triston. Lol. My plan was to start with friends. It is all a whole lot easier for me if he is a fan and has some favourites.

I have to try and maintain my interest so that I focus on learning Korean. It is hard. 아니오. Focusing is hard for me. I think the language kind of makes a lot of sense.