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Bora Bora – day three

Today I am awake early so we head to the beach to watch the sunrise over Bora Bora. It is really quite beautiful to see.

Luckily the photos capture tranquility when in reality there is a large commotion on the water. Ferries, water taxis and even a large cruise ship all jostling about. Every gear change is audible from where we stand.

Bora Bora is noisey

The noise is quite unexpected but it makes us happy with our decision to stay on land. We have privacy, quiet and a calmness that doesn’t appear to be available in the overwater bungalows. Not like the serenity of our bungalow in Tikehau. I am sure we would have made the most of an overwater stay if we had one here as well but having picked the private pool on land, we think that was the wiser choice.

Yesterday we spoke to the activities desk about booking the shark tour and it was sold out but we decided to think about it rather than booking the tour for the next day. Today is the next day and we are ready to do the famous Shark and Ray excursion, only, we have arrived too late to book for today the morning tour. All that is available is the afternoon or the full day. We lock the morning tour in for tomorrow, I don’t want to be out in the heat of the day or out all day. I learnt my lesson on Tikehau.

Bora Bora French Polynesia
Bora Bora Pearl Beach Resort

This means, all of a sudden, we have a free day. We went into town yesterday and didn’t really like the town. We aren’t interested enough in Bloody Mary’s or the WWII relics to go back again today.

What could we possibly do for a day on a remote tropical island? I know. Eat, swim, snorkel, relax and sleep. Well that is exactly what we do. Breakfast, lunch and for some reason, no dinner. Don’t get me started. I’m not happy about it. I slept through the meal time with an ill timed nap.

Bora Bora French Polynesia
Coral growing pods behind the stairs

The marine environment is different here

Bora Bora, well the Pearl Beach Resort anyway, is a lot different to Tikehau under the water. There is a tonne of sand here and a decent amount of fish but not much in the way of coral.

Bora Bora French Polynesia
Fish by the coral growing pods

There are coral farms, which are great to see because cultivating and growing coral makes sense. Especially when the sea life is such a big part of the appeal.

Bora Bora French Polynesia

Our biggest gripe when snorkelling around the resort is the constant passing of jet-skis, boats, ferries, barges and one cruise ship. The water for our snorkel is so choppy, even though the day is still and calm, it is almost unpleasant. The disruption is purely due to the traffic on the water. Which is really sad and not something we had thought about prior to our arrival.

Bora Bora French Polynesia

Don’t get me wrong, everyone should be able to enjoy their holiday and if you want to join a jet-ski race, all the power to you. But I do think there should be at least one money of the day where the boats stop. Surely all of the resorts, tours and rental companies could come together to provide an hour of calm.

Bora Bora French Polynesia
Friendly fish and coral growing pods in the background

I mean, we have already discovered that there isn’t many moments at night that provide the calm either. Well into the night and definitely in the wee hours of the morning boats are still churning through the water. Ferrying staff and supplies, fishing, running last minute errands, getting staff home after a late night function or bringing the clean up crew in before dawn breaks. Never. Ending.

Our first lunch on Bora Bora

At last, we are at the hotel for lunch. We go with the Miki Miki bar and grill, beside the pool, because it is open and also we just saw someones food be delivered and it looked tasty. Pretty standard for us, we both order a burger. I get the special double burger and Triston opts for a humble cheeseburger. Mine arrives with a little fancy salad which was super tasty. Triston just gets chips.

Lunch is pretty filling, so we hang out in our room after. We do some more snorkelling and as mentioned above, I had a nap just before dinner time. Slept through dinner and ended up eating the chocolate from yesterday as my dinner.

Bora Bora French Polynesia

Triston, I think he had some kind of left over snack as well but I don’t really know. He ate while I napped. Lunch was really tasty though. It is nice to have some new options compared to the offerings on Tikehau. We did get a little bored of the options on Tikehau.

After I eat the chocolate bunny, we did head out and try to take some night time photos of the resort. They didn’t turn out great. Then we head back to our room. On our way back we stumble across a hot tub. Make a mental not of its location and head home to sleep.

Bora Bora day 3 was 3 April 2018
Updated 27 September 2019

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