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Brunches High Tea

Yesterday I went to a high tea at Brunches Cafe in Farrer Park. It was a midday high tea and honestly it did feel like lunch so it was the perfect time.

We had two sliders on the tower – one chicken one fish, vegetarian spring rolls, cakes and tea. I did miss a plain scone with jam and cream and a ribbon sandwich but I actually didn’t get through the high tea. There were scones but no jam and creak, I didn’t get to the scone though. I was too full.

There was so much left that between the two towers we probably had almost one tower left. Not because the food was bad just because it was really filling.

We were only given exactly 90 minutes. When the time was up we had to leave as they had another booking for the table so were asked to leave. 90 minutes doesn’t seem like long enough for a catch up.

One stand out mention, the only cake I managed to eat – I started with the savoury and watch out, those sliders are filling – was the carrot cake. I thought it looked dry and I wasn’t expecting much from it. It was super tasty. Light, fluffy, moist. If I had started with that I probably would have just ordered a full cake and ate that. It was good.

The high tea is one of the more affordable ones in Singapore at $36++ or $42.40 including fees and tax per set for two. Making it just $21.20 a person. While $21.20 might seem a lot for two sliders, a spring roll and a tiny square of cake, it really felt like good value when sitting there, nibbling and chatting with some new friends.

By all reports, all the other flavours were good. We did get the leftovers to go and one of the ladies with a kid took them for a kids event she had for that evening.

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