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Busy week


On Sunday Triston and I took an online dance class together. It was fun. I will talk more about it another time, maybe. I don’t want to do the whole fangirl spiel today. I am tired, hah.

Monday and yesterday I took 2 x 90-minute dance classes each day and my last two are today. These were like, once off but I think they may do some again in the future.

I am so tired. Haha. I have bruises. Triston asked why and I did the squat turn move thing and he was like, ‘oh I see’. But. I was doing the dance backwards – only sometimes though, that is the concerning part, I only do it backwards half the time – so the bruised knee should actually be my right and it is my left.

Anyhow. I am trying to get back into the habit of updating my blog/diary. Ugh. So much happens these days though. I could do it more often. I should do it more often. I just need to be in touch with my tutor more often so that I can increase my use of 한글.

Let’s see.
In the last week –
Friday – Skin cancer check

Saturday – high tea with friends and watched an online practice of a musical, songs not dress rehearsal. Super fun.

Sunday – 3-hour online dance class. Taught by some super famous Kpop idol.

Monday – 2 x 90-minute online dance classes

Tuesday – 2 x 90-minute online dance classes but luckily for me, so lucky, Triston had turned the air conditioner to 27 and I got overheated in the first class. I kept turning the fan up and had no idea why it wasn’t working. Then. I saw 27, not 21. Sigh. So, I eventually got a migraine but I managed it well and didn’t have any pain this morning. That…. that is possibly a first for me.

Today – another 2 x 90-minute online dance classes. It was a boot camp kind of thing. It all ends today. Sadly.

Tomorrow – biopsy scheduled. Mmm yeah. One of my moles didn’t look good. I noticed it changed also. So. Yay.

How do people work full time and do other things as well?

안녕히 계세요

Oh, haha. I better watch out. I made a spelling mistake and instead of goodbye I managed to write bye bitch. Hahah. Oops. Good thing I checked.

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