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Butter Studio Bugis Junction

I thought we would get a cake when my parents came to visit but there just wasn’t much time. So, finally, we decided to get one.

Salted caramel red velvet cake.

The cake has been staring at me for weeks, months even. Butter Studio opened just a couple of months ago. It was a juice bar before.

The popcorn, pretzel and waffle cone all looked nice but they were a little stale and/or soggy. I am not sure getting the cake any fresher would alleviate that issue.

As for the cake, it was soft, fluffy, moist. Red velvet-y. So, it tasted like chocolate cake. The frosting was tasty. I am pretty sure it had glitter on it.

It was kind of expensive but cake in Singapore is. Nice and tasty as a cake but the things that make it pretty were a little disappointing.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
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