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Carnivore Singapore

Carnivore at Chijmes

Whoop whoop.

Carnivore at chijmes

Dinner out at Carnivore in the Chijmes dining district. I really enjoy this area with its fairy lights and laidback outdoors vibe. We sat inside because it was hot but I like the whole set up. It was daylight when we arrived and left but we have been for a wander through later in the evening. It is very pretty.

Carnivore salad bar
Rice, soup and some other hot sides on the buffet

I took a couple of photos. Brazilian churrasco isn’t the easiest thing to get a nice photo of so I took a photo of the buffet area.

Carnivore salad bar
Salad bar with some cocktail prawns on offer

We both enjoyed the meal. A real lot actually. The rump cap was on point.

Carnivore salad bar
Cheese, sauces and sweets.

Nom nom nom. A kind of expensive meal but well worth it. No more expensive than churrasco in Sydney. Given some things are hard or more expensive to get here, there was definite value in the selection offered. I did miss the cheesy bread but we had some at home the other week.

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