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Cat has started her journey

lola in the cupboard

Cat has now officially completed phase one. She is back at the farm.

Monday she will go to the airport in Dubbo and fly to Sydney. That is phase two. Poor Lolypols. She is better travelled than a lot of people we know. Probably better travelled than any other cat we know. I hope she thinks this is worth it.

Then phase three is a bit of waiting around. Some vet checks and compulsory treatments before her trip.

Phase four is on Thursday. It could run early into Friday morning depending on the vet check on her arrival and her clearance into Singapore. But, we are now in the official countdown and one phase is already complete.

Lola , our Cat, after her hair cut.


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This post was originally posted on 1 February 2019
The day was 1st February 2019
Updated 7 November 2019

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