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Jetpets and Qantas fly Lola from Sydney to Singapore

breakfast with lola

Today Lola will be on her first international flight (and yes it is Qantas) from Sydney to Singapore. All by herself. Talk about stressful. I think everyone is super stressed about today. Luckily we used Jetpets so they are handling everything for us.

I have the notifications that she is checked in for her flight. Check-in was at 8:30am. She has been charming people into pats and cuddles like I thought she would. We have emails, voicemails, messages, everyone loves her. She isn’t a hissy or aggressive cat in real life and she wasn’t during this process either.

Is that uncommon? I wonder how many animals go through this kind of thing and just hate it. I don’t think Lola would have loved it but she does like people and exploring new rooms inside.

There have been a few times she didn’t realise what happened when we moved, where she looked at us and yelled: “I can’t believe you never let me in here before”. She is a silly cat and has a lot of opinions. She loves yelling stuff at us, not a hissy yell and chatty yell.

Phase three is in progress, it will end when she arrives. It is the longest phase. I am not sure what has been most stressful about it. Everything is pretty stressful. She really misses us though, like a whole lot. My parents miss her but they have their own animals and Lola wasn’t the biggest fan of that. She prefers to be a spoilt only child.

Lola at Jetpets

checked in and waiting thanks to Jetpets. Sydney international airport. Lola Cat
Charming everyone at Jetpets into patting her. Checked in and waiting.

So her flight left the gate at 11:47 am and the plane took off at 12:02pm. Sydney airport runways make for long taxis but as soon as the door was closed on the hold the temperature would have been adjusted for her. The pilots know she is on board, they probably welcomed her in their pre-departure speech but we weren’t onboard to hear it. Now we wait. On arrival she will be taken to a vet for a checkup and verification and then she will come straight here.

Can’t wait for her trip to be over and for her to forgive us. We all assume she will be happy and relieved to see us and then give us the cold shoulder for a few days. I am not sure she can stay mad at us though. There is a world of new smells for her here. A ledge on the window so she can sit and stare out at the birds.

She is going to love it here. We have to get her bed from home somehow. It is her favourite bed but other than that she will love it here.

We have the local vet coming tomorrow to write her a new script for her inhaler. We swapped her to tablets while she was boarding. Her inhaler spacer should arrive here today so we just need to get a new script and fill it for her Flixotide. I have Ventolin here if she needs it from when I was super sick back in December. She should be ok as she has had her tablet today but the preference is Flixotide through the spacer.

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This post was originally posted on 7 February 2019
The day was 7th February 2019
Updated 7 November 2019

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